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Specific Speech and Language Disorders in Children

Specific Speech and Language Disorders in Children

Paul Fletcher (Editor), David M. B. Hall (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-870-33242-2

Nov 1992

274 pages

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Presents papers from the Second International Symposium organized by AFASIC - The Association For All Speech Impaired Children - an association of parents and professionals seeking to advance knowledge and management of children and young people with speech and language impairments.
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Part I Factors Relavant to Language Impairment.

Chapter 1 Biological basis of developmental language disorders - Dorothy V.M. Bishop.

Chapter 2 Qualitative differences in the conversational interactions of SLI children and their younger siblings - Grame D. Hutcheson and Gina Conti-Ramsden.

Chapter 3 The relationship between deprivation, physical growth and the impaired development of language - David Skuse.

Chapter 4 Genetics and language disorder - Marcus Pembrey.

Chapter 5 Language delay and social development - Michael Rutter, Lynn Mahwood and Patricia Howlin.

Part II Brain, Cognition and Language Impairment.

Chapter 6 Brain injury and language impairment in childhood - Dorothy M. Aram.

Chapter 7 Brain imaging and language - Richard Robinson.

Chapter 8 Cognitive abilities of language-impaired children - Judith R. Johnston.

Part III Language Impairment: Cross-cultural Perspectives.

Chapter 9 Specific language impairment in three languages: some cross-linguistic evidence - Laurence B. Leonard.

Chapter 10 Child language impairment in the Hong Kong context - Ann Zubrick.

Chapter 11 Child language impairment in Swedish children: a multidisciplinary approach - Ulrika Nettelbladt.

Chapter 12 Subgroups in school-age language-impaired children - Paul Fletcher.

Part IV Outcomes, Intervention and the Curriculum.

Chapter 13 A longitudinal study of language-impaired children from a residential school - Corinne Haynes.

Chapter 14 Reading and writing skills in the National Curriculum - Katharine Perera.

Chapter 15 Promoting reading and spelling skills through speech therapy - Joy Stackhouse.

Chapter 16 Collaboration between speech and language therapists and teachers - Jannet A. Wright.

Chapter 17 Principled decision making in the remediation of children with phonological disability - Pamela Grunwell.

Chapter 18 Early screening and intervention - David M.B. Hall.