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Spectacular Chemical Experiments

Herbert W. Roesky, George A. Olah (Foreword by)

ISBN: 978-3-527-81524-1

Jan 2018

240 pages



Written by the author of the award-winning "Chemische Kabinettstücke" this book demonstrates over 80 enjoyable, impressive and sometimes almost unbelievable chemical experiments for the classroom, lecture hall or home. All the experiments are explained in full, and have been tested several times such that their successful reproduction is guaranteed.
Grouped into several cycles -- water, the color blue, the color red, soles, and self-organization -- the topics are perfect for experimental lectures or school projects. Detailed illustrations and the lively writing style make this book equally attractive to readers interested in chemistry, even if they are unable to perform the experiments.
Spontaneous Ignition by Adding Water
Blow Up of an Iron Ball
Regelation of Ice
Sugar Coal by Splitting off Water from Sugar with Sulfuric Acid
Sodium Billard
Boiling Water in a Paper Bowl
The Density Differences of Water and D2O
Fire under Water
Safe Production of Detonating Gas
Fuel Cell for Hydrogen and Oxygen
Hydrogen in Status Nascendi
Effusion of Hydrogen
Freezing Mixture
Rapid Crystallization
Magic Eggs
Colored Kinetics
Flushing Peppermint Tea
The Colors White -
Yellow -
Nitrogen and Hydrogen by Electrolysis
Demonstration of the Plasma State "A Sparkling Cross"
Witching Hour
Molybdenum Blue
Combustion of Sulfur in Oxygen
Phosphorus Salt Perl or Cobalt Salt Perl
Fehling's Solution
Activated Carbon Decolorizes Water Blue
Blue Bottle -
The Blue Miracle
Generatio of Blue (N2O3)dinitrogentrioxide
Bleaching with a Household Product
Ink Blue -
Solvated Electrons
Purple or Colorless - an Entertaining Demonstration
A "Red Component" in Newspapers
Bleaching of Tomato Juice with Chlorine on a Micro Scale
Production of Non Drinkable Red Wine
Red Wine as a Dolor Indicator
Silica Gel from Alkali Silicates
Red Gold
Red Gold Sol
Cherry Red Gold Sol
The Blue Gold
Silver Sol by Electric Discharge
How to Make a Silver Sol
The Reaction of Silver Nitrate with Tannin
Dissipative Structures: Chemical Patterns in Aqueous Solutions
Acidic Acid Butyl Ester in the Presence of Bromocresol Green
Precipitation Using the Gas Phase
Methods Become Accepted: Nessler's Reagent and Gaseous Ammonia
Reduction of KMnO4 with Ethyl Alcohol
Alcohol Test
An Old Hat with New Feathers -
Precipitation of AgCl with HCI Gas
A Chemical Buoy
Flower Power
Munchhausen -
The Flying Styrofoam Ball
The Remarkable Rocket
Eatable Burning Banana
Burning Pecan
Sparks and Shining Fire
Like Magic... Reduction of Copper Oxide
Electric Current from a Beer Can
Magnesium Powder Burning in the Air
The Alchemist's Gold
Imitate a Spider
Is it Methyl Alcohol or Ethyl Acohol?
Oxygen Content of the Air
Rapid Rust
Shining Dry Ice
Smoke Rings
Saturn's Rings
Oxygen from Ag2O
Flour Dust Explosion
Bromine and Potassium
Current-free Shining Flat Bottomed Cylinder
Rotating Advertising Column
S4N4 -
A Pick-me-up
A Heavyweight does not Stick to the Bottom
Icarus and the Sun
Disposal of Sodium and Potassium Residues
Color Composition: Chemistry is Art
Underwater Dance
Blue Mist
Colorful Clouds

"Roesky hat mit "Spectacular Chemical Experiments" ebenso wie mit der deutschen Ausgabe ein Standardwerk fur chemische Schau- und Demonstrationsversuche geschaffen; hierfur ist der Preis auch absolut angemessen."
Februar 2008