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Spectroscopy for Surface Science



Spectroscopy for Surface Science

R. J. H. Clark (Editor), R. E. Hester (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97423-9 March 1998 420 Pages


Surface analysis deals with characterizing and understanding the behavior of molecules which react on the surface between two substances. The latest self-contained volume in this long established and respected series of review articles on applications and instrumental developments in spectroscopy presents a high quality treatment of the frontiers of research occurring in modern spectroscopic methods. The internationally renowned authors have taken care to make their work accessible to experts and non-experts alike.
Electron-Yield X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy in Gaseous Environments (S. Schroeder, et al.).
Static SIMS--Surface Analysis by Mass Spectrometry (J. Vickerman).
Scanning Probe Spectroscopies (S. Tear).
Non-Linear Optical Spectroscopy of the Electrochemical Interface (A. Tadjeddine A. Peremans).
Vibrational Spectroscopy of Electrochemical Interfaces: Some Walls and Bridges to Surface Science Understanding (M. Weaver S. Zou).
Infrared Spectroscopic Techniques for the Study of Thin Interfacial Films (A. Horn).
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and Surface Phenomena (B. Gerstein).