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Speech Pathology in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity



Speech Pathology in Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Kim Isaac

ISBN: 978-1-861-56306-4 January 2002 148 Pages


This book explores the intricate relationship between culture and communication before moving on to intercultural health care, including a detailed look at perception of illness and disability. Two chapters on intercultural speech pathology look at clinical practice, including culturally-focussed assessment and management approaches. Interpreter-mediated speech pathology is covered in detail, including an overview of the process of interpreting, debate on professional versus untrained interpreters, discussion of pre-session briefing, a look at potential barriers to the interpretation process and introduction to a collaborative partnership model for working with interpreters. The final chapter explores the author's thoughts on the future directions in research and education in the field of intercultural and interpreter-mediated speech pathology.

The book provides a comprehensive and practical insight into intercultural and interpreter-mediated speech pathology. With its easy to read and practical content, it should be of significant use to undergraduate students and qualified speech-language pathologists new to multicultural/multilingual contexts. However, it would also be suitable for experienced clinicians who find themselves tackling the challenges of intercultural speech pathology everyday.


Chapter 1 Communication and culture.

Chapter 2 Miscommunication.

Chapter 3 Intercultural health care.

Chapter 4 Intercultural speech-language pathology.

Chapter 5 Assessment and treatment approaches.

Chapter 6 Different culture, different language.

Chapter 7 Issues in interpreting - pre-session briefing.

Chapter 8 Issues in interpreting - potential barriers.

Chapter 9 Models of partnership.

Chapter 10 Future directions.