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Speech and Language Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis

Speech and Language Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis

Bruce E. Murdoch, Deborah Theodoros

ISBN: 978-1-861-56100-8

Oct 2004

276 pages

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This book is the first to provide comprehensive coverage of the communication impairments that occur in association with multiple sclerosis. It covers not only the more widely recognised motor speech disorders seen in association with this condition, but also the more recently identified language disorders reported to occur in persons with diseases of the cerebral white matter. A full description of the neuropathophysiology, epidemiology, aetiology, clinical manifestations and medical treatment of multiple sclerosis is also included.
Neuropatholophysiological Basis of Communication Disorders in multiple Sclerosis.

Perceptual Features of Dysarthria in Multiple Sclerosis.

Acoustic Features of Dysarthria in Multiple Sclerosis.

Articulatory and velopharyngeal Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis.

Laryngeal and Respiratory dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis.

Treatment of Motor Speech Disorders in multiple Sclerosis.

Language Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis.

High-level language.

Naming and Discourse Abilities in Multiple Sclerosis.

Subgroups of multiple Sclerosis Patients Based on Language Dysfunction.

Treatment of language Disorders in Multiple Sclerosis.