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Speech and Language Intervention in Down Syndrome

Speech and Language Intervention in Down Syndrome

Jean Rondal, Susan Buckley

ISBN: 978-1-861-56296-8

Jun 2003

220 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This text provides speech and language therapists and language researchers with a state-of-the art review covering all aspects of speech and language development in individuals with Down syndrome. Written by leading experts in the field, it includes chapters on: the principles which should guide intervention; prelinguistic development; pragmatics and communication; literacy and language; augmentative communication; intervention with adolescents and adults; maintenance of skills for older adults; and a perspective on pertinent issues. Each chapter summarizes research and provides guidelines for effective interventions.

This book should be a valuable guide to those working in the field who wish to be able to provide evidence-based interventions for individuals with Down syndrome and to contribute to their quality of life by improving their communication skills.

Principles of Language Intervention.

Prelinguistic Training.

Phonological Working Memory Difficulty and Related Interventions.

Speech acquisition and Approaches to Intervention.

Lexical Development and intervention.

Morphosyntactic Training.

Pragmatic Development and communicative Training.

Augmentative Communication.

Literacy and Language.

Continued Language Intervention With Adolescents and Adults.

Maintenance training in Older Ages.

Bilingual and Multilingual Issues.