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Speech and Language Therapy Intervention: Frameworks and Processes

Speech and Language Therapy Intervention: Frameworks and Processes

Karen Bunning

ISBN: 978-1-861-56400-9

Jan 2004

332 pages

Select type: Paperback

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This text asserts the value of problem solving within a holistic approach to human communication, which considers culture, ethnicity and psychosocial issues. It is concerned with drawing out commonalities that exist in practice with people with a range of communication disabilities. As such, it represents a departure from more traditional texts on intervention with communication disability that "pigeon hole" therapy practice according to the particular client group or presenting condition.

Articulation of the core conceptual frameworks and processes involved in intervention provides the foundation for clinical reasoning and implementation. This includes examining the different levels at which intervention is pitched and identifying the core therapeutic techniques used by speech and language therapists across the client spectrum. The text is supported by examples drawn from clinical practice.

Frameworks of Intervention.

Cycle of Intervention.

Cultural diversity, Identity and Psychological State.

Construction of Intervention.

Enactment of Intervention.

Process of Intervention/

Therapeutic Interaction with The Individual.

Enhancing The Communication Partnership.

Restructuring The social Environment.

A Place in Society Through Advocacy.

Integrated intervention.

"...a brave and thought-provoking book." (Child Language Teaching and Therapy Journal, August 2005; Issue 21)