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Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change



Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership and Change

Don Edward Beck, Christopher C. Cowan

ISBN: 978-1-118-77915-6 December 2014 Wiley-Blackwell 352 Pages


Spiral Dynamics introduces a new model for plotting the enormous economic and commercial shifts that are making contemporary business practice so complex and apparently fragmented. Focusing on cutting-edge leadership, management systems, processes, procedures, and techniques, the authors synthesize changes such as:

  • Increasing cultural diversity.
  • Powerful new social responsibility initiatives.
  • The arrival of a truly global marketplace.

This is an inspiring book for managers, consultants, strategists, and leaders planning for success in the business world in the 21st century.


Part I: Overview of Spiral Dynamics:.

1. Different Times Produce Different Minds.

2. The Nature of MEME systems.

3. The Mind of the Spiral.

Part II: The Dynamics of the Spiral's MEME's:.

4. Change and the Spiral.

5. The Dynamics of Leadership.

6. Spiral Wizardry.

7. Spiral Alignment: Streaming Visions into Reality.

8. Spiral Integration: Power and Precision in Organization Design and Transformation.

Part III: The Spiral Wizard's Field Manuel: .

9. Beige: Survival Sense. The Instinctive MEME.

10. Purple: KinSpirits. The Clannish MEME.

11. Red: PowerGods. The Egocentric MEME.

12. Blue: TruthForce. The Purposeful MEME.

13. Orange: StriveDrive. The Strategic MEME.

14. Green: HumanBond. The Relativistic MEME.

15. Stepping Over to the Second Tier. Yellow: FlexFlow. The Systematic MEME.

16. The Second Tier, A Second Step. Turquoise: GlobalView. The Holistic MEME.

Part IV: Global Order and Chaos on the Dynamic Spiral:.

17. Global Awakenings: 'New World Order' (and Chaos).

Resources for Spiral Wizards

  • presents a new framework for understanding the dynamic forces at work in human affairs – business, personal lives, education, and even geopolitics;

  • focuses on cutting-edge leadership, management systems, processes, procedures, and techniques;

  • synthesizes changes such as: increasing cultural diversity; powerful new social responsibility initiatives; the arrival of a truly global marketplace;

  • adds power and precision to the theory of human systems and the 21st century leadership;

  • meshes UK biologist Richard Dawkins' concept of "memes" with Gravesian "value systems" and lays out a very specific Tool Kit for managing the deepest differences in people;

  • demonstrates how, by applying the right tools at a base level rather than to surface symptoms, any bright, curious human being can, quite simply, change the world.