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Spirit at Work: Discovering the Spirituality in Leadership



Spirit at Work: Discovering the Spirituality in Leadership

Jay A. Conger

ISBN: 978-1-555-42639-2 May 1994 Jossey-Bass 264 Pages


An insightful exploration into the role of spirituality in leadership. The contributors use thought-provoking examples to expand the definition of leadership to include the development of hospitable spaces for work life, services to both the organization and the community, and personal development of individuals within the organization.

Leaders in business, public administration, and nonprofit organizations will gain personal insights into applying spiritual qualities such as justice, fortitude, and prudence to enhance personal fulfillment in the workplace and to strengthen the objectives and performance of their organizations.

1. Introduction: Our Search for Spiritual Community. (Jay A. Conger)

2. Leading from Within: Out of the Shadow, Into the Light. (Parker J. Palmer)

3. A Leader's Conscience: The Integrity and Spirtuality of Vaclav Havel. (John C. Haughey, S.J.)

4. Leadership and Spirituality: A Quest for Reconciliation. (Katherine Tyler-Scott)

5. Spirited Connections: Learning to Tap the Spiritual Resources in Our Lives and Work. (D. Susan Wisely, Elizabeth M. Lynn)

6. Partnering with God: Ignatian Spirituality and Leadership in Groups. (Brian O. McDermott, S.J.)

7. What Leaders Cannot Do Without: The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership. (Rabi N. Kanungo, Manuel MAndonca)

8. Conclusion: Reuniting Spirituality and Work. (Jay A. Conger)

"Whatever else one might say about leading, at its core it is a matter of the heart and a reflection of the most basic elements of human nature. Spirit at Work offers an exciting, creative, and hopeful view of leadership that gives the spiritual dimension its rightful place." —Walter F. Ulmer, president, Center for Creative Leadership

"An important book on an aspect of leadership little discussed and not easily articulated. Leaders will be grateful to Jay Conger and his distinguished group of authors for illuminating this critical componentthe spirituality of leadership--and inviting us to join in the search for 'shared ground.'" —Frances Hesselbein, president and CEO, the Peter F. Drucker Foundation