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Sport and Exercise Psychology: Practitioner Case Studies

Sport and Exercise Psychology: Practitioner Case Studies

Stewart Cotterill (Editor), Neil Weston (Editor), Gavin Breslin (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-68651-5

Apr 2016, Wiley-Blackwell

520 pages



Sport and Exercise Psychology: Practitioner Case Studies focuses on the most current issues in the field, integrating research and practice to develop a coherent understanding of current knowledge, future research directions and applied implications within the field. This is the first book to include theory-based case studies for sport performance, exercise and skill acquisition in one publication. This text provides content that is directly applicable to those students wishing to enter the profession via various national accreditation schemes, in addition to providing chartered psychologists with a text that can directly inform their reflections of their own practice. Sport and Exercise Psychology is supported by an online learning environment that includes ‘talking heads’ videos for each chapter, further resources, questions and links to relevant external materials.

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Part 1: Sport and performance psychology

Chapter 1 Introduction
Stewart Cotterill, Gavin Breslin, and Neil Weston

Chapter 2 Managing difficult interpersonal relationships: A basic psychological needs approach
Richard Hampson and Chris Harwood

Chapter 3 The use of team strengths at a major championship
Tim Holder

Chapter 4 Concentration and optimal performance under pressure
Stewart Cotterill and Aidan Moran

Chapter 5 A search for meaning: An integrative approach to stress management following a career-ending injury
Chris Wagstaff

Chapter 6 Personality and group functioning: Managing a narcissist’s ego
Chelsey Dempsey, Chin Wei Ong, Ross Roberts and Tim Woodman

Chapter 7 Returning to sport following serious injury: A case study of a professional rugby union player
Lynne Evans

Chapter 8 Transition indecision: A case study of an athlete’s move from playing to coaching
Robert Morris and David Todd

Chapter 9 Ahead of the competition: Anxiety control in archery
Jo Batey and Rebecca Symes

Part 2: Coaching psychology

Chapter 10 Impression management in professional football: A case study from the coach’s perspective
Andrew Manley and Richard Thelwell

Chapter 11 Managing coach stress in teams through enhanced role clarity and communication
Neil Weston

Chapter 12 Training a coach to be autonomy-supportive: An avenue for nurturing mental toughness
John Mahoney, Daniel Gucciardi, Sandy Gordon and Nikos Ntoumanis

Chapter 13 Creating a successful and effective coaching environment through interpersonal sports coaching
Vaithehy Shanmugam and Sophia Jowett

Part 3: Motor Learning and control

Chapter 14 The role of psychology in enhancing skill acquisition and expertise in high performance programmes
Keith Davids, Ian Renshaw, Ross Pinder, Dan Greenwood and Sian Barris

Chapter 15 Developing motor skill in practice: A case of mastering ‘heelflips’
Keith Lohse and Nicola Hodges

Chapter 16 Improving anticipation in racket sports: An evidence-based intervention
David Hendry, Colm Murphy, Nicola Hodges and Mark Williams

Part 4: Psychology of physical activity and exercise

Chapter 17 Promoting physical activity in Ireland: A case study of All Island All Active (AIAA)
Gavin Breslin, Fiona Chambers and Deirdre Brennan

Chapter 18 Athlete well-being
Abbe Brady

Chapter19 Physical activity and self-concept: A humanistic intervention
Susan ONeil and John Kremer

Chapter 20 Developing a school based physical activity protocol for those with Intellectual disability and exercise
Ben Fitzpatrick, Laurence Taggart and Gavin Breslin

Chapter 21 Exercise and body image
Ruth Lowry

Chapter 22 Physical Activities to improve Children’s Health (PATCH): Implementing a school based intervention for children
Gavin Breslin, Conor Cunningham and Marie Murphy

Chapter 23 Contemporary lifestyle interventions for public health - Potential roles for professional sports clubs
Colin Baker, Elizabeth Loughren, Diane Crone, Adam Tutton and Peter Aitken

Chapter 24 Exercise dependence
David Smith, Bruce Hale and Christine Selby

Chapter 25 Long-term behaviour change through an exercise intervention during breast cancer treatment
Anna Campbell and Kate Hefferon