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Sport in Britain 1945-2000

Sport in Britain 1945-2000

Richard Holt, Tony Mason

ISBN: 978-0-631-17154-6

Mar 2001, Wiley-Blackwell

228 pages

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This book examines the complex transformation of British sport in the second half of the twentieth century. Focusing on the key role of the media as a driving force for change, it also provides a fascinating account of the wider social and cultural history of post-war British sport.

1. Playing and Watching.

2. Reconstruction, 1945-1952.

3. Amateurism.

4. The Professionals.

5. Media and Celebrity.

6. Civic and National Identity.

7. Governments and Sport.




"Any book by Holt or Mason is recommended reading, but one by Holt and Mason is mandatory as this book has proved ... I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I learnt much and congratulate Holt and Mason on a fine publication." British Journal of Teaching Physical Education <!--end-->
  • Explores British sport as experienced by those who watched it, played it, wrote and talked about it.
  • Gives equal attention to the post-war years and to the more immediate present.
  • Includes discussion of women, ethnic minorities, and the disabled within the general text rather than treating them separately.
  • Focuses on Britain's most popular organised and competitive sporting activities.
  • Combines a compelling picture of leading personalities and performances with a wider explanation of social and cultural change.