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Sports Science: 40 Goal-Scoring, High-Flying, Medal-Winning Experiments for Kids

Sports Science: 40 Goal-Scoring, High-Flying, Medal-Winning Experiments for Kids

Jim Wiese

ISBN: 978-0-471-22097-8 October 2002 128 Pages




Dive headfirst into the science behind sports----and come up a winner!
* Have you ever wondered if there's a secret to stopping a soccer ball, why ice skates have metal blades, or how a boat can sail into the wind?
* Would you like to learn to balance like a gymnast, how to improve your free-throw ability, or how to swim like a shark?
* Are you looking for exciting ideas for your next science fair project?

If you answered ""Yes"" to any of these questions, then Sports Science is for you! From basketball to biking to snowboarding and more, you'll discover the science behind all your favorite sports. Dozens of fun-filled activities help you see for yourself how a batter can hit a 90-mile-an-hour pitch, why a ""spiral"" is the best way to throw a football, how the surface of a ball affects its bounce, and much, much more. All of the projects are safe and easy to do, and all you need is everyday stuff from around the house. So take the plunge and get ready for Sports Science fun!

How to Use This Book.

Being a Good Scientist.

Increasing Your Understanding.

Using This Book to Do a Science Fair Project.

A Word of Warning.

1 Getting in the Zone: Starting Right.

Project 1: Think Fast.

Project 2: On the Level.

Project 3: Dreaming of Greatness.

Project 4: Cross Over.

Project 5: Learning New Tricks.

2 Flying High!: Ball Sports.

Project 1: Throw It Higher.

Project 2: Throw It Farther.

Project 3: Curveball.

Project 4: Stable Spin.

Project 5: Dimples.

Project 6: Heading Right.

Project 7: Soft Bounce.

Project 8: Follow the Bouncing Ball.

Project 9: Fuzz Ball.

Project 10: The Big Mo.

3 Slipping and Sliding:Blade, Ski, and Board Sports.

Project 1: Skating on Thin Ice.

Project 2: Speedy Spin.

Project 3: Taking Off.

Project 4: Giving Them the Slip.

Project 5: Stable Base.

4 Rolling Right Along: Wheel Sports.

Project 1: Turning Around.

Project 2: Gearing Up.

Project 3: Caught in the Draft.

Project 4: Keep on Rolling Along.

Project 5: Pumping.

Project 6: Jump into History.

5 Splish, Splash: Water Sports.

Project 1: Water Skin.

Project 2: Riding the Waves.

Project 3: Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

Project 4: Shapes and Speed.

Project 5: Sailing into the Wind.

Project 6: Down Under.

Project 7: Swim Like a Shark.

6 Jumping, Climbing, Frisbee, and More:Other Fun Sports.

Project 1: Skydiving.

Project 2: High Jumping.

Project 3: The Frisbee.

Project 4: Climbing High.

Project 5: Climbing to the Top.

Project 6: Sweet Spot.

Project 7: The Chop.


"" would make a good gift for most children..."" (www. Family 2000, 4 September 2002)