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Sportswriting: The Lively Game



Sportswriting: The Lively Game

Conrad C. Fink

ISBN: 978-0-813-82246-4 February 2001 Wiley-Blackwell 304 Pages


Think all it takes to be successful sportswriter is a love of sports? Read Sportswriting: The Lively Game and find out—sports fan is one thing: a sports report is another!

Conrad C. Fink, veteran journalist, editor and the author of Bottom Line Writing: Reporting the Sense of Dollars and Writing Opinion for Impact, provides another common sense, real-life approach for journalism or sports management students wishing to break into the exciting, fast-paced world of sportswriting.

In vivid writing that is packed with the realities of sports reporting, Professor Fink provides insight only a veteran journalist can, such as:

  • Media strategies for you and your editor

  • Defining your demographic target

  • What are the new sports values

  • Who are your competitors in the sports arena

Learn to write quickly yet with impact; seek out the offbeat and unusual stories your editor and readers want; and recognize the potential conflicts inherent to sports reporting.



Part One: The Kickoff.

1. The Writer’s Arena.

2. What You Owe Your Readers.

Part Two: Our Blocking and Tackling: Strong Reporting.

3. Reporting the Key Elements.

4. Reporting the Wider Picture.

Part Three: Making the Writer’s Muse Move.

5. Writing It Straight.

6. Taking Readers Beyond the Score.

Part Four: Covering the Majors.

7. Covering Football: A Case Study.

8. Covering Baseball.

9. Covering Basketball.

Part Five: Covering the Others.

10. The Wider World of Sports.

Part Six: Columns: The Winner’s Circle in Sportswriting.

11. Writing Game Columns.

12. In This Corner.


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