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Spreadsheet Applications in Chemistry Using Microsoft Excel



Spreadsheet Applications in Chemistry Using Microsoft Excel

Dermot Diamond, Venita C. A. Hanratty

ISBN: 978-0-471-14087-0 February 1997 256 Pages


This book illustrates how EXCEL can be used to help scientists process, analyze, and present scientific data. EXCEL provides a flexible environment that can be used to prepare spreadsheet solutions for scientific data processing problems. It demonstrates step-by-step how to program EXCEL to perform appropriate tasks, automate repetitive data processing tasks, and prepare integrated documents by transferring data and graphics. It covers problems such as how to perform linear regression and use the built-in statistical tools of EXCEL, as well as addressing advanced topics such as graphing complex equations, model building and the use of VBA and macros for user interface. Though the examples emphasize chemical applications, the information provided will prove useful to all scientists.
Introduction to Excel.

Statistical Functions and Regression Analysis.

Introduction to Macros and VBA.

Case Studies in Quantum Chemistry.

Case Studies in Physical Chemistry.

Importing and Processing Instrumental Data.

Processing Experimental Data Using Solver.

Case Studies Involving VBA.