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Starting Out in Shares the ASX Way, 3rd Edition

ASX (The Australian Securities Exchange)

ISBN: 978-0-730-31567-4 May 2015 Wrightbooks 200 Pages


An introduction to share investing—and whether it's right for you

The ASX investor education team has been providing the essentials about share investing for over 30 years. The latest edition of Starting Out in Shares the ASX Way is your one-stop resource to understanding what shares are—and how to buy and sell them. Inside, you'll have the pros and cons of shares over other investments explained. Many people don't know how the sharemarket actually works—the ASX team takes you through this. In easy to understand language, they will cover the process of investing including: effective ways to manage a portfolio, tried-and-tested stock selection methods, how to set yourself up for share investment, how to analyse shares and their prices and much more.

If you want to explore the opportunities of share investing, you've come to the right place.

  • Serves as a resource for those looking for more information before getting started in the sharemarket
  • Fully updated with the latest information for 2015
  • A glossary of ASX sharemarket terms is provided at the back of the book

If you're a would-be or beginner investor looking for trusted information on how to begin buying and selling shares on the Australian market, Starting Out in Shares the ASX Way will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed.

Introduction vii

Part I The basics of the sharemarket 1

1 Getting ready to invest 3

2 What is a share and what is the sharemarket? 9

3 The main investment areas: cash, fixed interest, property, shares 13

4 The benefits and risks of shares 33

5 How to buy and sell shares 41

6 Your first share trade 55

7 Buying shares in a float 63

8 The nuts and bolts of the sharemarket 69

9 Following the S&P/ASX indices 83

10 Managed funds 95

11 Gearing and margin lending 109

Part II Making informed decisions — strategies and approaches to investing 117

12 Why you need a strategy 119

13 Fundamental analysis 129

14 Technical analysis 145

15 Examples of investment strategies 167

Glossary 179

Index 187