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Statistical Mechanics of Phases, Interfaces and Thin Films

Statistical Mechanics of Phases, Interfaces and Thin Films

H. Ted Davis

ISBN: 978-0-471-18562-8 January 1996 728 Pages


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This book is suitable to be used as a text in introducing graduate courses or advanced undergraduate courses on the equilibrium statistical mechanics of bulk phases, interfaces, thin films and associations colloids. Emphasis is placed on exactly solvable models or physically motivated approximate theories that offer revealing insights into the molecular origins of the behaviour of materials in equilibrium. Also emphasized are theoretically motivated semiempirical models that can be used in quantitative predictions of phase and interfacial behavior. The book is unique in its unified approach to the theory of phases and their interfaces and on the density functional theory that unification is based on.
From the Contents:
Kinetic Theory of Dilute Gases in Equilibrium/
Intermolecular Forces and Quantum Mechanics of Energy Levels/
Ensemble Theory/
Ideal Gases and Solids/
Statistical Mechanics of Simple Classical Fluids/
Capillarity and Interfacial Thermodynamics/
Yvon-Born-Green Equations and the Structure/
Density and Potential Functional Theory of Fluid Structure and Thermodynamics/
Approximate Theories of Pair Correlation Functions/
One-Dimensional Hard Rod Fluids/
Structure, Stress and Tension of Thin-Films and Interfaces.