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Statistical Methods for Geographers

Statistical Methods for Geographers

W. A. V. Clark, P. L. Hosking

ISBN: 978-0-471-81807-6 April 1986 528 Pages


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A textbook for advanced undergraduate/first year graduate level courses in statistical methods in geography. Presents methods useful in research design, hypothesis testing, and analyzing spatial and functional relationships. Introduces basic statistical terms and techniques for displaying and describing distributions, and covers a range of working methods including probability and sampling, simple linear regression, extensions of the simple linear model to multiple regression and its assumptions, stepwise logit regression, and canonical and discriminant analysis.
An Introduction to Statistical Methods.

The Display of Distributions.

Statistical Summaries of Distributions.

Probability and Probability Functions.

Sampling Designs and Sampling Methods.

Statistical Inference: Fitting Probability Functions.

Statistical Inference: Interval Estimation and HypothesisTesting.

An Introduction to Bivariate Relationships.

The Simple Linear Regression Model.

The General Linear Model--Multiple Regression.

Issues in the Application of the General Linear Model.

Extensions of Multivariate Linear Regression Methods.

Alternative Forms of Multivariate Analysis.