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Statistical Methods for the Reliability of Repairable Systems



Statistical Methods for the Reliability of Repairable Systems

Steven E. Rigdon, Asit P. Basu

ISBN: 978-0-471-34941-9 April 2000 290 Pages


A unique, practical guide for industry professionals who need to improve product quality and reliability in repairable systems

Owing to its vital role in product quality, reliability has been intensely studied in recent decades. Most of this research, however, addresses systems that are nonrepairable and therefore discarded upon failure. Statistical Methods for the Reliability of Repairable Systems fills the gap in the field, focusing exclusively on an important yet long-neglected area of reliability. Written by two highly recognized members of the reliability and statistics community, this new work offers a unique, systematic treatment of probabilistic models used for repairable systems as well as the statistical methods for analyzing data generated from them.

Liberally supplemented with examples as well as exercises boasting real data, the book clearly explains the difference between repairable and nonrepairable systems and helps readers develop an understanding of stochastic point processes. Data analysis methods are discussed for both single and multiple systems and include graphical methods, point estimation, interval estimation, hypothesis tests, goodness-of-fit tests, and reliability prediction. Complete with extensive graphs, tables, and references, Statistical Methods for the Reliability of Repairable Systems is an excellent working resource for industry professionals involved in producing reliable systems and a handy reference for practitioners and researchers in the field.
Terminology and Notation for Repairable Systems.

Probabilistic Models: The Poisson Process.

Probabilistic Models: Renewal and Other Processes.

Analyzing Data from a Single Repairable System.

Analyzing Data from Multiple Repairable Systems.


"This new book does a fantastic job of giving detailed coverage and practical illustration to repairable systems reliability..." (Technometrics, Vol. 42, No. 4, May 2001)

"Intended for engineers, quality managers and statisticians, this book could also be used for a graduate level course in reliability." (Short Book Reviews, Vol. 21, No. 2, August 2001)

"...a thorough and systematic presentation..." (La Doc Sti, September 2000)

"...a comprehensive presentation of materials associated with reliability of repairable systems..." (Journal of Quality Technology, Vol. 33, No. 4, October 2001)

"Most of the literature in reliability deals with modelling and estimation in non-repairable systems; however this book considers repairable systems only." (Zentralblatt MATH, Vol. 963, 2001/13)

"...will be found useful by academicians as well as by practitioners." (Mathematical Reviews, 2002b)

" excellent resource and textbook a book that will contribute to filling an existing need in the reliability area and will further motivate researchers to look into developing statistical methods appropriate for data from repairable systems..." (Journal of the American Statistical Association, Vol. 97, No. 458, June 2002)