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Statistical Methods in Radiation Physics

James E. Turner, Darryl J. Downing, James S. Bogard

ISBN: 978-3-527-41107-8 November 2012 466 Pages


This statistics textbook, with particular emphasis on radiation protection and dosimetry, deals with statistical solutions to problems inherent in health physics measurements and decision making.
The authors begin with a description of our current understanding of the statistical nature of physical processes at the atomic level, including radioactive decay and interactions of radiation with matter. Examples are taken from problems encountered in health physics, and the material is presented such that health physicists and most other nuclear professionals will more readily understand the application of statistical principles in the familiar context of the examples. Problems are presented at the end of each chapter, with solutions to selected problems provided online. In addition, numerous worked examples are included throughout the text.
1. The Statistical Nature of Radiation Emission and Interaction
2.Radioactive Decay
3. Sample Space, Events, and Probability
4. Probability Distributions and Transformations
5. Discrete Distributions
6. Continuous Distributions
7. Parameter and Interval Estimation
8. Propagation of Error
9. Measuring Radioactivity
10.Statistical Performance Measures
11.Instrument Response
12.Monte Carlo Methods and Applications in Dosimetry
13.Dose-Response Relationships and Biological Modeling
14.Regression Analysis
15.Introduction to Bayesian Analysis
A1 Cumulative Binomial Distribution
A2 Cumulative Poission Distribution
A3 Cumulative Standard Normal Distribution
A4 Chi-square Distribution
A5 Student's t Distribution
A6 F Distribution

“This is an excellent, clearly written, statistical textbook with an emphasis on applications to radiological science. . . This book appears to be suitable for this level and should also prove to be a valuable reference for both medical and health physicists.”  (Health Physics, 1 March 2014)