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Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, 2nd Edition



Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, 2nd Edition

Jerald F. Lawless

ISBN: 978-1-118-03125-4 January 2011 664 Pages

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Praise for the First Edition
"An indispensable addition to any serious collection on lifetime data analysis and . . . a valuable contribution to the statistical literature. Highly recommended . . ."
"This is an important book, which will appeal to statisticians working on survival analysis problems."
"A thorough, unified treatment of statistical models and methods used in the analysis of lifetime data . . . this is a highly competent and agreeable statistical textbook."
-Statistics in Medicine
The statistical analysis of lifetime or response time data is a key tool in engineering, medicine, and many other scientific and technological areas. This book provides a unified treatment of the models and statistical methods used to analyze lifetime data.
Equally useful as a reference for individuals interested in the analysis of lifetime data and as a text for advanced students, Statistical Models and Methods for Lifetime Data, Second Edition provides broad coverage of the area without concentrating on any single field of application. Extensive illustrations and examples drawn from engineering and the biomedical sciences provide readers with a clear understanding of key concepts.
New and expanded coverage in this edition includes:
* Observation schemes for lifetime data
* Multiple failure modes
* Counting process-martingale tools
* Both special lifetime data and general optimization software
* Mixture models
* Treatment of interval-censored and truncated data
* Multivariate lifetimes and event history models
* Resampling and simulation methodology
Basic Concepts and Models.

Observation Schemes, Censoring and Likelihood.

Some Nonparametric and Graphical Procedures.

Inference Procedures for Parametric Models.

Inference procedures for Log-Location-Scale Distributions.

Parametric Regression Models.

Semiparametric Multiplicative Hazards Regression Models.

Rank-Type and Other Semiparametric Procedures for Log-Location-Scale Models.

Multiple Modes of Failure.

Goodness of Fit Tests.

Beyond Univariate Survival Analysis.

Appendix A. Glossary of Notation and Abbreviations.

Appendix B. Asymptotic Variance Formulas, Gamma Functions and Order Statistics.

Appendix C. Large Sample Theory for Likelihood and Estimating Function Methods.

Appendix D. Computational Methods and Simulation.

Appendix E. Inference in Location-Scale Parameter Models.

Appendix F. Martingales and Counting Processes.

Appendix G. Data Sets.

“...a welcome addition to the literature on survival analysis...for a unified and thorough reference of classical theory and models, this book is an excellent choice.” (Journal of the American Statistical Association, March 2004)

"This book is a role-model for other who are planning to write books…every statistician and applied researcher ought to have this book in their collection." (Journal of Statistical Computation and Simulation, October 2003)

"...expanded and updated with recent research...a valuable reference...this book...merits a place on the bookshelf of anyone concerned with the analysis of lifetime data from any field. (Technometrics, Vol. 45, No. 3, August 2003)

"...updated version of the popular text...this excellent book will serve as either a reference or a graduate-level textbook." (Short Book Reviews, Vol. 23, No. 2, August 2003)

"...excellent...provides a wealth of information for those familiar with the area." (Pharmaceutical Research, Vol. 20, No. 9, September 2003)

"...the author's aim is to cover lifetime data analysis without concentrating exclusively on any field of applications...he succeeds quite well..." (Zentralblatt Math, 2003)

“...rewritten to reflect new developments...” (Quarterly of Applied Mathematics, Vol. LXI, No. 2, June 2003)

"Compared with the large number of other good textbooks in the this field, this is one of the best. I highly recommend that all applied statisticians add this volume to their libraries." (Applied Clinical Trials, May 2003)