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Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research



Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research


Statistical and Methodological Aspects of Oral Health Research provides oral health researchers with an overview of the methodological aspects that are important in planning, conducting and analyzing their research projects whilst also providing biostatisticians with an idea of the statistical problems that arise when tackling oral health research questions.

This collection presents critical reflections on oral health research and offers advice on practical aspects of setting up research whilst introducing the reader to basic as well as advanced statistical methodology.


  • An introduction to research methodology and an exposition of the state of the art.
  • A variety of examples from oral health research.
  • Contributions from well-known oral health researchers, epidemiologists and biostatisticians, all of whom have rich experience in this area.
  • Recent developments in statistical methodology prompted by a variety of dental applications.

Presenting both an introduction to research methodology and an exposition of the latest advances in oral health research, this book will appeal both beginning and experienced oral health researchers as well as biostatisticians and epidemiologists.

List of Contributors.


Part I.

1 Do We Need to Improve Oral Health Research? (Dominique Declerck and Emmanuel Lesaffre).

2 Grading Evidence with a Focus on Etiology, Surrogates, and Clinical Devices (Philippe Hujoel).

3 The Effective use of Research Data for Evidence-Based Oral Health Care (Ian Needleman and Helen Worthington).

Part II.

4 Planning a Research Project (Timothy A. DeRouen and Donald E. Mercante).

5 How to Carry out Successful Clinical Studies: Lessons from Project Management (Jocelyne S. Feine, Stephanie D. Wollin and Faahim Rashid).

6 Design and Analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials in Oral Health (Brian Leroux and Emmanuel Lesaffre).

7 Epidemiological Oral Health Studies: Aspects of Design and Analysis (Jimmy Steele and Mark Pearce).

8 Qualitative Research (Christophe Bedos, Pierre Pluye, Christine Loignon and Alissa Levine).

9 Data Validity and Quality (Finbarr Allen and Jimmy Steele).

Part III.

10 Start with the Basics (Manal A. Awad, Nico Nagelkerke and Emmanuel Lesaffre).

11 Statistical Methods for Studying Associations Between Variables (Brian G. Leroux).

12 Assessing Accuracy of Oral Health Diagnostic Tests (Todd A. Alonzo and Peter J. Giannini).

Part IV.

13 Analysis of Correlated Responses (Melissa D. Begg).

14 Missing Data and Informative Cluster Sizes (Stuart A. Gansky and John M. Neuhaus).

15 Failure Time Analysis (Thomas A. Gerds, Vibeke Qvist, J¨org R. Strub, Christian B. Pipper, Thomas H. Scheike and Niels Keiding).

16 Misclassification and Measurement Error in Oral Health (Helmut K¨uchenhoff).

17 Statistical Genetics (Amy D. Anderson).

18 The Bayesian Approach (Emmanuel Lesaffre, Arnoˇst Kom´arek and Alejandro Jara).

Part V.

19 Examples from Oral Health Epidemiology: The Signal Tandmobiel and Smile for Life studies (Dominique Declerck, Emmanuel Lesaffre, Roos Leroy and Jackie Vanobbergen).

20 Subantimicrobial-dose Doxycycline Effects on Alveolar Bone Loss in Postmenopausal Women: Example of a Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial (Julie A. Stoner and Jeffrey B. Payne).


"In summary, this book is very well written. Its first three parts and the final part will be invaluable to dentists who are embarking on a clinical research project for the first time. In the reviewer's opinion, Part IV is more suitable for those undertaking doctoral studies or who have significant previous research experience." (Primary Dental Care, July 2010)

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