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Statistics, Student Solutions Manual

Statistics, Student Solutions Manual

Robin H. Lock, Patti Frazer Lock, Kari Lock Morgan, Eric F. Lock, Dennis F. Lock

ISBN: 978-0-470-63318-2

Dec 2012

268 pages

Select type: Paperback


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Unlock the power of data

This book incorporates the use of available technologies and modern methods of data analysis. It focuses on providing conceptual understanding of the main themes of statistical inference to provide a more solid grasp of the core ideas of statistics — and to make it relatively easy to apply those ideas to more theoretical and advanced statistics topics. Furthermore, the text offers cutting-edge ideas like randomization and bootstrapping to introduce the fundamental ideas of statistical inference to enhance understanding, make statistics come alive, and deliver improved retention.

Unit A

Chapter 1 1

Chapter 2 7

Unit A: Essential Synthesis and Review 31

Unit B

Chapter 3 40

Chapter 4 58

Unit B: Essential Synthesis and Review 81

Unit C

Chapter 5 92

Chapter 6 106

Unit C: Essential Synthesis and Review 167

Unit D

Chapter 7 183

Chapter 8 194

Chapter 9 203

Chapter 10 216

Unit D: Essential Synthesis and Review 230

Final Essential Synthesis 240

Chapter 11 247