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Statistics for Engine Optimization

Statistics for Engine Optimization

Simon P. Edwards (Editor), Daniel M. Grove (Editor), Henry P. Wynn (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-860-58201-1

Jan 2001

208 pages

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Today’s practising engineer faces the triple challenge of tighter targets, more variables, and less time. Traditional approaches are losing the battle, but an unexpected ally is at hand. Statistical techniques are becoming accessible
and they offer the possibility of facing the challenge with increased confidence. Statistics for Engine Optimization offers the knowledge and experience of the engineers and the statisticians who are collaborating to use these techniques and expand the tool kit.


  • The role of statistics in the engine development process
  • Issues arising from statistical engine testing
  • Practical implementation of design of experiments in engine development
  • Statistical modelling of engine systems
  • Applying design of experiments to the optimization of heavy-duty diesel engine operating parameters
  • Engine mapping: a two-stage regression approach based on spark sweeps
  • The application of an automatic calibration optimization tool to direct injection diesels
  • An investigation of the utilization of genetic programming techniques for response curve modelling