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Statistics for the Environment, Volume 3, Pollution Assessment and Control

Statistics for the Environment, Volume 3, Pollution Assessment and Control

ISBN: 978-0-471-96435-3

Jul 1997

358 pages

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Pollution is an environmental issue that concerns us all and is of major importance in terms of its impact on people s health and their living and working environments. This most recent volume of the Statistics for the Environment titles comprises the latest research and case-study material on topics in this area, with discussions on the various ways in which statistical models and methods can be used to advance knowledge and understanding of the different aspects of the pollution problem. Containing contributions from leading world experts in the use of statistics in the environmental sciences, it is the only work of its kind at this level. As with the previous two books, the editors have produced a cohesive and comprehensive overview of recent statistical advances in the area of pollution. Topics include:
* Policy and Management Issues
* Water Quality
* Sampling and Monitoring
* Radiation
* Air Quality
* Health and Ecology
An essential addition to the already successful Statistics for the Environment series, this book will be a valuable resource for statisticians and scientists interested in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of pollution control, water contamination and environmental protection and conservation and many other pollution related themes.
Partial table of contents:

Statistical Analyses of Pollution Problems (V. Barnett).


Sampling and Efficient Data Use for Characterizing Polluted Areas (A. Stein).

Statistical Models for the Semi-Arid Land-Surface-Atmosphere Program: An Integrated Monitoring Experiment (F. Avila).


Bayesian Uncertainty Analysis and Radiological Protection (R. Haylock & A. O'Hagan).


Statistical Analysis of Trend in Urban Ozone (H. Vaquera-Huerta, et al.).


Geostatistics Applied to Hydrology Problems and Tools (D. Myers).


Interpolating Air Pollution for Health Impact Assessment (J. Zidek).

Latencies, Exposures to Environmental Hazards, and Cancer Rates (Y. Mao & I. MacNeill).


Statistical Issues in Environmental Monitoring and Assessment of Anthropogenic Pollution (L. Cox & N. Ross).


"The book will be of interest and value to statisticians and environmental scientists dealing with pollution problems." (International Journal of Environmental Studies, Vol. 56, No. 1, 1999)