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Statistics with Confidence: Confidence Intervals and Statistical Guidelines, 2nd Edition

Statistics with Confidence: Confidence Intervals and Statistical Guidelines, 2nd Edition

Douglas Altman (Editor), David Machin (Editor), Trevor Bryant (Editor), Martin Gardner (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-70250-5

Jun 2013, BMJ Books

256 pages



This highly popular introduction to confidence intervals has been thoroughly updated and expanded. It includes methods for using confidence intervals, with illustrative worked examples and extensive guidelines and checklists to help the novice.

Contributors viii

Source of Contents ix

Introduction xi
Douglas G. Altman, David Machin, Trevor N. Bryant


1 Estimating with Confidence 3
Martin J. Gardner, Douglas G. Altman

2 Confidence Intervals in Practice 6
Douglas G. Altman

3 Confidence Intervals Rather Than P Values 15
Marin J. Gardner, Douglas G. Altman

4 Means and Their Differences 28
Douglas G. Altman, Martin J. Gardner

5 Medians and Their Differences 36
Michael J. Campbell, Martin J. Gardner

6 Proportions and Their Differences 45
Robert G. Newcombe, Douglas G. Altman

7 Epidemiological Studies 57
Julie A Morris, Martin J. Gardner

8 Regression and Correlation 73
Douglas G. Altman, Martin J. Gardner

9 Time to Event Studies 93
David Machin, Martin J. Gardner

10 Diagnostic Tests 105
Douglas G. Altman

11 Clinical Trials and Meta-Analyses 120
Douglas G. Altman

12 Confidence Intervals and Sample Sizes 139
Leslie E. Daly

13 Special Topics 153
Michael J. Campbell, Leslie E. Daly, David Machin


14 Statistical Guidelines for Contributors to Medical Journals 171
Douglas G. Altman, Sheila M. Gore, Martin J. Gardner, Stuart J. Pocock

15 Statistical Checklists 191
Martin J. Gardner, David Machin, Michael J. Campbell, Douglas G. Altman


16 Notation 205
Douglas G. Altman

17 Computer Software for Calculating Confidence Intervals (CIA) 208
Trevor N. Bryant

18 Tables for the Calculation of Confidence Intervals 214
Martin J. Gardner

Index 233

"The great value of this book is that it presents, in an easily understood form, the methods which will be needed in most situations" - Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health

"...this is a superb book, full of useful information.

...The book is logically organized into 18 short, highly readable chapters. a teaching tool, it is invaluable...this book is a handy reference to have on one's bookshelf with nearly all confidence interval formulae organized in one place.

...In summary, Statistics with Confidence and the CIA software are resources that every biostatistician could benefit from."

TSHS, pp. 4-5

Ancillary material - A zip file containing ancillary material for the book
- Thoroughly revised and updated edition of an established bestseller
- Includes 6 new chapters on crucial areas such as diagnostic studies, meta-analyses, computer software
-Completely updated epidemiological studies and checklists
- Accompanying disk provides practical instruction