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Steel Detailers' Manual, 2nd Edition



Steel Detailers' Manual, 2nd Edition

Alan Hayward, Frank Weare, A. C. Oakhill

ISBN: 978-1-405-18000-9 April 2008 Wiley-Blackwell 184 Pages


This highly illustrated manual provides practical guidance on structural steelwork detailing. It:
  • describes the common structural shapes in use and how they are joined to form members and complete structures
  • explains detailing practice and conventions
  • provides detailing data for standard sections, bolts and welds
  • emphasises the importance of tolerances in order to achieve proper site fit-up
  • discusses the important link between good detailing and construction costs

Examples of structures include single and multi-storey buildings, towers and bridges. The detailing shown will be suitable in principle for fabrication and erection in many countries, and the sizes shown will act as a guide to preliminary design.

The second edition has been updated to take account of changes to standards, including the revisions to BS5950 and includes a new chapter on computer aided detailing.

Use of structural steel; Detailing practice; Design guidance; Detailing data; Typical connection details; Examples of structures.
* the only book specifically on steel detailing
* companion to Blackwell Science's highly successful Steel Designers' Manual
* "every office involved in structural design in steelwork should have a copy" - Structural Engineering Review on first edition