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Stellar Polarimetry

David Clarke

ISBN: 978-3-527-62832-2 September 2010 431 Pages


Written by an experienced teacher and author, this must-have source for work with polarimetric equipment and polarimetry in astronomy conveys the knowledge of the technology and techniques needed to measure and interpret polarizations. As such, this monograph offers a brief introduction and refresher, while also covering in detail statistics and data treatment as well as telescope optics.
For astronomers, physicists and those working in the optical industry.
1 Introduction and History
2 The Polarization Ellipse
3 The Algebra of Polarization
4 The Stokes Parameters
5 Polarization Statistics and Data Treatment
6 The Basics of Polarimetric Elements
7 Pre-Measurement Distortions
8 Polarimetric Principles and Instruments
9 Some Polarigenic Mechanisms
10 Interstellar Polarization
11 Binary Stars
12 Early-Type Stars
13 Late-Type Stars
14 General Stellar Variability