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Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy

Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy

Peter J. Quesenberry (Editor), Gary S. Stein (Editor), Bernard G. Forget (Editor), Sherman M. Weissman (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-14656-8

Sep 1998

588 pages

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Edited by Peter J. Quesenberry, Gary S. Stein, Bernard Forget, and Sherman Weissman

Advances in molecular genetics and recombinant DNA technology have ushered in a new era in medical therapeutic research. New insights into the molecular basis of human disease and the role played by biological regulatory mechanisms have precipitated tremendous drug development efforts backed by intensive research into human gene therapy worldwide.

Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy is the first book to thoroughly cover major advances in the field and their applications to novel molecular therapies.

This self-contained volume integrates biological and clinical components of stem cell biology, examines some of the most difficult aspects of gene therapy, and provides a systematic review of advanced gene modification techniques. Twenty essays by leading researchers address some of the most compelling topics in contemporary medical research, including:
* Fundamental regulatory mechanisms that operate in stem cells
* Stem cells from a therapeutic perspective, including preparations of stem cells and their therapeutic potential as vehicles for gene therapy
* Delivery systems for therapeutic genes, including an overview of the most promising vectors
* Clinical applications for gene therapy, covering a broad range of diseases such as hemophilia, cancers, neurological disease, and more

Complete with illustrations and real-world examples of a variety of disorders, Stem Cell Biology and Gene Therapy is essential for researchers in gene therapy and members of the biotechnology industry who are developing human molecular therapies for commercial use. It is also an important reference for molecular biologists, cell biologists, immunologists, molecular geneticists, hematologists, cancer researchers, biochemists, and anyone working in internal medicine.
Stem Cell Systems: Basic Principles and Methodologies (S. Nilsson & P. Quesenberry).

Cytokine/Growth Factor Responsiveness of Early Hemopoietic Progenitor Cells (A. Burgess).

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling the Cell Cycle and Proliferation-Differentiation Interrelationships (G. Stein, et al.).

Stem Cell Transcription (S. Weissman & A. Perkins).

Hematopoietic Stem Cells: Proliferation, Purification and Clinical Applications (R. Pettengell & M. Moore).

Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: The Adenovirus (T. Shenk).

Gene Transfer to Muscle and Spinal Cord Using Herpes Simplex Virus-Based Vectors (J. Huard, et al.).

Herpes Virus Vectors (X. Breakefield, et al.).

Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: Adeno-Associated Virus (G. Kroner-Lux, et al.).

Delivery Systems for Gene Therapy: Adeno-Associated Virus 2 (A. Srivastava).

Ribozyme Gene Therapy Targeting Stem Cells for Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infection (A. Ho, et al.).

Elements of DNA Vaccine Design (M. Caufield & M. Liu).

Development of Gene Therapy for Gaucher Disease (J. Barranger, et al.).

Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Correction of Genetic Disease Affecting Hematopoietic Cells (J. Medin, et al.).

Gene Therapy for Hemophilia (K. High).

Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Anemias (G. Atweh & B. Forget).

Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy in Cancer: Modification of Sensitivity to Therapeutic Agents (T. Licht, et al.).

Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Brian Tumors (K. Culver & J. Van Gilder).

Clinical Applications of Gene Therapy: Cardiovascular Disease (J. Fox).

Applications of Gene Therapy to Neurological Diseases and Injuries (D. Choi-Lundberg & M. Bohn).