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Stem Cells: Nuclear Reprogramming and Therapeutic Applications

Stem Cells: Nuclear Reprogramming and Therapeutic Applications

Gregory R. Bock (Editor) , Jamie A. Goode (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-470-09144-9

Sep 2005

230 pages



Understanding stem cells at the molecular level is essential to understanding their behaviour in a physiological context. This volume in our acclaimed Novartis Foundation series features animated discussion from the world’s experts in this topic on the important ethical issues that are raised by research on stem cells. They review the various regulatory regimes, which apply in different countries – a key factor in determining where future stem cell research is carried out.

Potential clinical applications covered in the book include the production of cardiomyocytes to replace damaged heart tissue, the production of insulin-producing cells for patients with diabetes, and the generation of neurons for the treatment of patients with Parkinson’s disease or spinal cord injury. Particular attention is paid to the factors that maintain stem cells in a pluripotent state or which drive them to create differentiated and lineage-committed cells in vitro and in vivo.  Nuclear reprogramming, the process by which a nucleus acquires developmental potential, is covered here as well. It is relevant to stem cell research generally, and also to research on the cloning of animals by nuclear transfer. 

This book is an essential purchase for all those engaged in stem cell research, whether in the laboratory, the clinic or the regulatory authorities.

From the reviews:

"...this book provides: a comprehensive overview of current issues in stem cell research, with contributions from leading figures..."

Chair's Introduction (John Gearhart).

What is a stem cell ?  Discussion (Davor Solter).

Bone-marrow derived hepatocytes - Discussion (Markus Grompe).

Normal and neoplastic stem cells - Discussion (Irvin L. Weissman).

Multipotent adult progenitor cells: an update - Discussion (Catherine A. Verfaillie).

Neural progenitor cells of the adult brain - Discussion (Steven A. Goldman and Fraser Sim).

Stem cells in the brain - General Discussion I.

Embryonic stem cells: a perspective - Discussion (Martin Evans).

Nuclear cloning, epigenetic reprogramming and cellular differentiation - Discussion (Rudolf Jaenisch, Konrad Hochedlinger and Kevin Eggan).

General Discussion II.

Nuclear reprogramming by xenopus oocytes - Discussion (J.B. Gordon, J.A. Byrne and S. Simonsson).

Cardiac stem cells and myocardial regeneration - Discussion (Bernardo Nadal-Ginard, Perio Anversa, Jan Kajstura and Annarosa Leri).

Genenration of insulin-producing cells from stem cells - Discussion (Bernat Soria, Enrique Roche, Juan A. Reig and Franz Martin).

Cell therapy for Parkinson's disease: problems and prospects - Discussion (Anders Bjorklund).

Ethical (and political) issues in research with human stem cells - Discussion (Thomas H. Murray).

The regulatory environment - final discussion.

Index of contributors.

Subject index.