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Stereochemistry at a Glance

Jason Eames, Josephine M. Peach

ISBN: 978-0-632-05375-9 October 2003 Wiley-Blackwell 144 Pages

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Stereochemistry deals with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms in molecules. All chemical reactions take place three dimensions and the spatial arrangement of those atoms can have a profound effect on the outcome of a chemical reaction. A good understanding of stereochemistry is, therefore, fundamental to any detailed appreciation and study of organic chemistry.

Based on the highly successful at a Glance series from Blackwell Publishing, this book provides a concise introduction and overview of stereochemistry for students studying chemistry and related courses at undergraduate level. It then reinforces that overview by presenting 49 fully worked out stereochemistry problems, presented in the familiar at a Glance double page layout. A further 98 supplementary problems, with abbreviated answers, are designed to help the undergraduate student rapidly develop the knack of thinking in three dimensions, and generate the confidence to apply their knowledge of stereochemistry in the classroom, the exam room or the laboratory.

Graphical presentation of information is central to the book. As befits such a visual subject, this facilitates the rapid assimilation and understanding of the basic concepts, principles and definitions of stereochemistry. Students using Stereochemistry at a Glance will find they have a resource with which they can quickly, economically and confidently acquire, regularly review and revise the basic facts that underpin stereochemistry.

1. Introduction: Shapes, Orbitals, Nomenclature and Drawing Conventions.

2. Nucleophillic Substitution Reactions of Saturated Species.

3. Beta-Elimination Reactions to form Alkenes.

4. Stereochemistry of Carbonyl Compounds.

5. Six Membered Rings: Conformational Analysis.

6. Polar Rearrangements.

7. Glossary: Stereochemical terms and descriptions.


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* Highly illustrated with a stepwise approach to understanding stereochemistry

* Follows the successful At a Glance format

* Contains 49 fully worked solutions to stereochemical problems and 98 supplementary questions

* By following the text and trying the problems students quickly build up a sophisticated appreciation and understanding of stereochemistry