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Stereoselectivity in Synthesis

Stereoselectivity in Synthesis

Tse-Lok Ho

ISBN: 978-0-471-32922-0

Mar 1999

352 pages

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Many chemicals are found in "right-" and "left-handed" forms that may react differently in the body. In planning a synthesis, chemists must know how to select the best method for making the preferred form of a chemical. This book shows how to choose the best method for a given synthesis. It provides readers with a thorough understanding of stereoselectivity in organic and medicinal chemistry as well as the pharmaceutical, agricultural, and food industries.
Some Fundamental Concepts.



Stereoinduction at Long Distances.

Group Directed Reactions and Chelation Effects.

Conformational Effects.

Topographical and Template Effects.

Steric, Electrostatic, and Stereoelectronic Effects.

Thermodynamic Control and Kinetic Trapping.

"...research workers in this field will either wish to purchase this book or to have ready access to a copy" (Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Vol 15, 2001)