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Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy



Stir It Up: Lessons in Community Organizing and Advocacy

Rinku Sen, Kim Klein (Series Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-787-97140-3 August 2003 Jossey-Bass 288 Pages


Stir It Up--written by renowned activist and trainer Rinku Sen--identifies the key priorities and strategies that can help advance the mission of any social change group. This groundbreaking book addresses the unique challenges and opportunities the new global economy poses for activist groups and provides concrete guidance for community organizations of all orientations.

Sponsored by the Ms. Foundation, Stir It Up draws on lessons learned from Sen's groundbreaking work with women's groups organizing for economic justice. Throughout the book, Sen walks readers through the steps of building and mobilizing a constituency and implementing key strategies that can effect social change. The book is filled with illustrative case studies that highlight best organizing practices in action and each chapter contains tools that can help groups tailor Sen's model for their own organizational needs. Stir It Up will show your organization how to:

  • Design and conduct actions that further campaign goals
  • Develop effective leaders
  • Build strong alliances and networks
  • Generate and use solid research
  • Design an effective media strategy
  • Put in place a plan for internal political education and consciousness-raising

With the information, tools, and suggestions outlined in this book your organization can use your "good idea" to change the world.

Exercises and Exhibits.


The Author.


Introduction: Community Organizing—Yesterday and Today.

1. New Realities, Integrated Strategies.

2. Organizing New Constituencies.

3. Picking the Good Fight.

4. Ready, Set, Action!

5. Leading the Way.

6. Take Back the Facts.

7. United We Stand.

8. Speaking Truth to Power.

9. Education for Engagement.

Conclusion: Community Organizing—Tomorrow.




"This book offers more than simply a best practice manual for community activism and social organizing." (Feminist Academic Press Column, May 2003)
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