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Stoichiometric Asymmetric Synthesis

Stoichiometric Asymmetric Synthesis

Mark Rizzacasa, Michael Perkins

ISBN: 978-1-841-27111-8

Sep 2000, Wiley-Blackwell

248 pages

Select type: Hardcover

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This volume provides, at postgraduate student level, an accessible introduction to stoichiometric asymmetric synthesis. The authors focus on stereoselective C-C bond formation in acyclic systems, with an emphasis on the use of chiral auxiliaries and reagents.

The book is extensively referenced and so provides a convenient point of entry to the research literature.

1 Introduction.

2 Additions to carbonyl compounds.

3 Formation and alkylation of enolates.

4 Substrate-directed aldol reactions.

5 Reagent-controlled aldol reactions.

6 Allylation and crotylation reactions.

7 Pericyclic processes.

8 Reactions of alkenes.

9 Free radical processes.