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Store Wars: The Worldwide Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace, Online and In-store, 2nd Edition



Store Wars: The Worldwide Battle for Mindspace and Shelfspace, Online and In-store, 2nd Edition

Greg Thain, John Bradley

ISBN: 978-1-118-37424-5 July 2012 312 Pages



The sequel to the highly successful Store Wars: the battle for mindspace and shelfspace published in 1995. The new edition will retain all the strengths of the old book including a comprehensive and complex approach to the consumer & retail market and the interaction between FMCG retailers and manufacturers. The book will be thoroughly revised and updated and will consist of 4 main parts:
  • A section on leading FMCG companies and brands (such as Coke, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, L'Oreal etc.), their marketing and branding strategies in the western markets (USA, Western Europe: UK, France, Germany and others).
  • A section on leading retailers (Wal-Mart, Tesco, Carrefour etc.), their developments and expansion over the last 10 years.
  • A section describing the interaction between retailers and manufacturers, including competition for end-consumers, trade marketing.
  • A section covering the Emerging Markets—the retail landscape in the major developing economies, results of the expansion of major FMCG brands and western retail chains, challenges related to distribution and FMCG marketing in those countries.

The book will also discuss the impact of the Global Crisis on the consumer and retail markets as well as predictions and prospects for the future.

Acknowledgements vii

Introduction ix

CHAPTER 1 Shifting of power in the value chain 1

CHAPTER 2 Differences between manufacturers and retailers 23

CHAPTER 3 The fragility of a marketing orientation 37

CHAPTER 4 Retailers and the marketing concept 53

CHAPTER 5 The battlefield for mindspace and shelfspace 69

CHAPTER 6 The battle for mindspace 83

CHAPTER 7 The battle for shelfspace 101

CHAPTER 8 Creating a sustainable retail differential

CHAPTER 9 Private label 139

CHAPTER 10 Trade marketing 165

CHAPTER 11 Internationalisation and emerging markets 193

CHAPTER 12 E-retailing 215

CHAPTER 13 The new order and its challenges 239

Appendix 1: Top private label manufacturers 265

Appendix 2: BRIC market snapshots 269

Index 277