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Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart, paperback reprint

Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart, paperback reprint

Sam M. Intrator

ISBN: 978-0-787-99684-0

Aug 2007

400 pages

Select type: Paperback

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""A heartwarming collection of essays about the doubts, passions, insecurities, and life-changing moments of teachers.""
-American School Board Journal

""Our history books are filled with examples of the efforts of committed education employees who helped to make this country what it is today. Stories of the Courage to Teach challenges today's teachers to see themselves not only as school employees, dedicated to serving children, but as leaders in their schools and communities.""
-Bob Chase, president, National Education Association

""It's the worst-kept secret in education: the passionate and talented teacher makes more of a difference than any school policy. Yet for all the ink spilled over school reform, little gets written about what makes a great teacher tick. Stories of the Courage to Teach . . . [by Sam Intrator] bucks this trend by looking into the hearts of twenty-five effective teachers, knitting together their first-person narratives with his own ideas about great teaching.""
-New York Times

""The teachers featured in this anthology have all, at various junctures, been on the verge of exhaustion, and the book is, in many ways, a sustained meditation on how they've sought to regain their emotional and spiritual strength.""
-Teacher Magazine

""Stories of the Courage to Teach . . . honors teachers who struggle to rekindle their passion for teaching.""
-Christian Science Monitor

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This item: Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart, paperback reprint

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This item: Stories of the Courage to Teach: Honoring the Teacher's Heart, paperback reprint

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Foreword: Listening to Teachers (Parker J. Palmer).

Introduction: Honoring the Teacher’s Heart (Sam M. Intrator).

I. Turning Inward: Sustaining Our Own Hearts.

Speaking from the Heart (Amy Symons).

This Is Where Teaching Gets Real (Jim Burke).

Teaching Had Become an Ordinary Job (John Rockne).

An Experiment with Truth: One Teacher’s Path (Leslie Young).

Doing Small Things with Great Love (Mary Alice Scott).

Despair and Love in Teaching (Daniel P. Liston).

Sam Scheer: Coming to Terms with a Lifetime of Teaching (Rosetta Marantz Cohen).

Adult Conversations About Unasked Questions: Teaching for Educational Justice (Sonia Nieto and Stephen Gordon).

II. Reaching Out: Forging Relationships That Sustain Our Hearts.

The Meaning of Life Assignment (Robert Kunzman).

Reclaiming Identity: Sharing a Teacher’s Truth (Kirstin Tonningsen).

Of Aliens and Space (Elizabeth Keats Flores).

You’re the One I Expected to Meet (Mary Rose O’Reilley).

Arriving Where I Started: Rediscovering the Newness (Susan Etheredge).

Feeling, Thinking, and Acting for Change (Catalina Rios).

Finding the Courage to Be Seventeen in Forty-Four-Year-Old Skin (Lori Fulton).

Adversity as Ally (Rachael Kessler).

III. Making Change: Reforms That Honor the Teacher’s Heart .

So Sweet It Made Me Jingled: Offering My Own Truth Within the System (Clayton Stromberger).

The Risk of Teaching and Learning Differently (Katherine Kennedy).

Lift Every Voice (Chip Wood).

Teaching Excellence and the Inner Life of a Faculty (Robert G. Kraft).

Journey into the Wilderness: A Teacher-Researcher Group’s Retreat (Kelly Chandler-Olcott).

Teachers-to-Be Learning from Students-Who-Are: Reconfiguring Undergraduate Teacher Preparation (Alison Cook-Sather).

Honor the People; It’s the Leader’s Work (David Hagstrom).

From Charity to Justice: Toward a Theology of Urban School Reform (Linda C. Powell).

Toward a Leadership of Peace for the Twenty-First-Century Academy (Diana Chapman Walsh).

IV. Rejuvenating Heart: The Courage to Teach Program.

Courage to Teach: A Retreat Program of Personal and Professional Renewal for Educators (Marcy Jackson and Rick Jackson).

Afterword: What I Heard Them Say (Parker J. Palmer).

Resources That Honor and Sustain the Teacher’s Heart (Compiled by Helen Lee).

The Editor.

Center for Courage & Renewal.