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Storm Proof Your Money: Weather Any Economy, Rebuild Your Portfolio, Protect Your Future



Storm Proof Your Money: Weather Any Economy, Rebuild Your Portfolio, Protect Your Future

Brett Arends

ISBN: 978-0-470-57319-8 December 2009 224 Pages


Accessible financial guidance for turbulent economic times

With the stock market in a tailspin, real estate market continuing to drop, and the economy in recession, it's important to understand how you can get through these difficult times. Whether you're twenty-six or sixty-two, you still need to live and provide for your future. That's why you need Survive the Slump. As the personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal Online, author Brett Arends has become an authority for individuals who need to know how to best position themselves and their money. Now, with his new book, Arends has crafted a financial plan that anyone can put to work immediately. From protecting what you have to rebuilding what you've lost, Survive the Slump provides just the guidance needed.

  • Outlines effective strategies for spending smarter, saving more, and making sure that your money grows reasonably
  • Contains straightforward advice that highlights immediate savings opportunities
  • Provides a timely financial action plan from a trusted Wall Street Journal columnist

Written with every investor in mind, Survive the Slump will help you make smarter investment decisions and put you in a better position to survive and thrive under any economic condition.


Chapter 1 Getting Started.

About Me.

About This Book.

Chapter 2 Checking the Map.

The Lesson of Harry Patch.

Santa Claus Isn’t Coming to Town.

Where Are You Trying to Go?

Where Are You Now?

How Much Do You Need to Save?

How Can You Move the Numbers in Your Favor?


Chapter 3 The Basics.

Break Out of Debt.

Secure Your Financial Lifelines.

Check Your Big Risks.


Chapter 4 How Not to Invest.

Putting Too Much Faith in Stocks.

Putting Too Much Faith in Phony Diversification.

Taking Too Much Risk.

Misunderstanding Your Mutual Funds.

Chasing Performance.

Trying to Find the Next Apple.

Owning Shares in Your Employer.

Keeping All Your Money in the Bank.

Keeping All Your Money in Bonds.

Stockpiling Gold.

Investing Too Much in Real Estate.


Chapter 5 Storm Proof Your Portfolio.

Inflation-Protected Government Bonds.

Global Index Funds.

Flexible Funds.

Covered Call Funds.

Precious Metals.

Taxable Bonds.


Closed-End Funds.

Timing: Little and Often.

How to Handle a Crash.

Using Options for Financial Insurance.


Chapter 6 Cash Flow Positive from Right Now.

Your Hidden Costs.

Repeat Costs.

Give Yourself a Raise.

How to Make $500,000 the Easy Way.

Adding It All Up.

Further Thoughts.


Chapter 7 Cover Your Assets.

Why Tax Shelters Are More Important Than Ever.

Make the Most of Your 401(k).

Make the Most of Your IRA.

Life Insurance and Variable Annuities.

Self-Employed Shelters.

Shelters and College Savings.

Make the Most of Your Investment Losses.

How Not to Lose Everything.


Chapter 8 Next Steps.

Checking the Map.

The Basics.

How Not to Invest.

Storm Proof Your Portfolio.

Cash Flow Positive from Right Now.

Cover Your Assets.

The Principles of Storm Proofing.

Staying on Track.

Getting Started.

Appendix Investment Spotlight.