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Strategic Alliances: Formation, Implementation, and Evolution

Strategic Alliances: Formation, Implementation, and Evolution

Peter Lorange, Johan Roos

ISBN: 978-1-557-86497-0

Dec 1993

304 pages

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Strategic alliances are becoming increasingly important as a long-term response to the move towards globalization of businesses, and to their need to learn and adapt quickly, gain access to new markets, and diffuse new technologies. In this comprehensive informative and practical text the authors delvop:

  • An analysis of over 30 alliances in the US, Japan and Europe.

  • A blueprint for successfully forming and implementing an alliance.

  • Practical case histories of nine successful and unsuccessful alliances which highlight benefits and drawbacks.

Highly successful in hardback, this book is now available in paperback for undergraduate and MBA students of corporate strategy and international business.


Part I: Introduction:.

1. Strategic Alliances in International Business.

Part II: Formation and Evolution of Strategic Alliances:.

2. The Formation Process.

3. Evolution of Strategic Alliances.

Part III: Management Processes:.

4. Planning and Control Considerations.

5. Human Resource Management.

Part IV: Contextual Issues:.

6. Culture, Management Approach, and Performance.

7. Common Obstacles.

8. Emerging Challenges.

Part V: Conclusions and Implications:.

9. Conclusions.