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Strategic Discovery: Competing in New Arenas

Strategic Discovery: Competing in New Arenas

Howard Thomas (Editor), Donald E. O'Neal (Editor), Raul Alvarado (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-97632-5 February 1998 356 Pages


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Published in association with the Strategic Management Society, The Wiley Strategic Management Series aims to illustrate the best in global strategic management for academics, business practitioners and consultants. This book expands the understanding of strategic opportunities presented by the far reaching developments unfolding in the rapidly changing world economy, and in particular how they are impacting the North and South American continents. This wide-ranging collection of papers comprises a rich body of research and experience, spanning academics, business executives and consultants. Key emphasis is placed on competition and core competence, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and corporate performance. Writings included in this volume were selected as being representative of some of the most significant issues currently facing business strategists.
Partial table of contents:


Technological Complexity and the New Architecture of Competition(P. Norman & R. Bettis).

Developing Global Strategies for Service Businesses (C. Lovelock& G. Yip).

Competence-Based Strategies when Facing Innovation: But what IsCompetence?

(T. Durand & S. Guerra-Vieira).


Competing to Cooperate: Antecedents of "Follow-the-Leader" Behaviorin US Joint Ventures in Latin America (J. Gimeno & R.Hoskisson).

The Benchmark Ford-Mazda Assembly Plant in Hermosillo Mexico (G.Bannister, et al.).


Corporate Restructuring: The Result of Good or BadGovernance?

(S. Chatterjee & R. Kosnik).

Who Wins in Governance Reform?: Conventional Wisdom 1, Shareholders0 (B. Boyd, et al.).

Measuring the Distribution of Returns among Stakeholders: Methodand Application to US and Japanese Auto Companies (M. Lieberman& A. Chacar).

The Transformation of Fiat Auto Poland (K. Haanes et al.).