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Strategic Thinking: Leadership and the Management of Change

Strategic Thinking: Leadership and the Management of Change

John Hendry (Editor), Gerry Johnson (Editor)

ISBN: 978-0-471-93990-0

Mar 1994

370 pages

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Strategic Thinking Leadership and the Management of Change Edited by John Hendry University of Cambridge, UK and Gerry Johnson Cranfield School of Management, UK with Julia Newton Cranfield School of Management, UK Published in association with the Strategic Management Society, The Wiley Strategic Management Series aims to illustrate the 'best in global strategic management' for academics, business practitioners and consultants. This book, the first volume in the series, is concerned with the process of strategic management and change. It places emphasis on the way people think about strategy and make sense of their organisational worlds; on organisational learning and adaption; and on the part played in this by leadership. Contributors Chris Bennett R. Thomas Lenz Mary M. Crossan Michael Levenhagen Yves Doz Martha L. Maznevski Jane E. Dutton Lief Melin Tony Eccles Julia Newton Colin Eden Wendy J. Penner Ewan Ferlie Andrew Pettigrew Charles M. Hampden-Turner Joseph F. Porac Kees Van Der Heijden James C. Rush Bo Hellgren Heinz Thanheiser John Hendry Howard Thomas Terry Hildebrand Richard Whipp Gerry Johnson Rod E. White Henry W. Lane Richard Whittington
Partial table of contents:


Drawing Meaning from Vision (M. Maznevski, et al.).

The Role of Strategists' Ways-of-Thinking in Strategic Change Processes (B. Hellgren & L. Melin).

The Importance of Organizational Identity for Strategic Agenda Building (J. Dutton & W. Penner).

Strategic Vision at Work: Discussing Strategic Vision in Management Teams (K. Van Der Heijden).


Strategic Management and Organizational Learning: A Meta-Theory of Executive Leadership (R. Lenz).

Organization Learning: Theory to Practice (M. Crossan, et al.).

Regaining Competitiveness: A Process of Organizational Renewal (Y. Doz & H. Thanheiser).

Implementing Strategy: Two Revisionist Perspectives (T. Eccles).


Dilemmas of Strategic Learning Loops (C. Hampden-Turner).