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Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Elementary Level: A Workbook for Educators

Strategies for Teaching Boys and Girls -- Elementary Level: A Workbook for Educators

Michael Gurian, Kathy Stevens, Kelley King

ISBN: 978-1-118-04114-7

Dec 2010, Jossey-Bass

216 pages



In his best-selling classic Boys and Girls Learn Differently, Michael Gurian explained the origin and nature of gender differences in the classroom. His important book explored the behavior teachers observed and the challenges they faced with both boys and girls in their classrooms. Taking the next step, Strategies for Teaching Boys?Elementary Level: A Workbook for Educators and Girls offers teachers a hands-on resource that draws on the Gurian Institute's research and training with elementary schools and school districts. The workbook presents practical strategies, lessons, and activities that have been field-tested in real classrooms and developed to harness boys' and girls' unique strengths.

The workbook is designed to help teachers build a solid foundation of learning and study habits that their students can use in the classroom and at home. It covers the key curricular areas and offers proven techniques to make learning, no matter what the subject, more engaging for all students.

The workbook is an essential resource for all teachers who want to improve their practice and get the most from all students?whatever their gender.

About This Book v

The Authors vii

About the Gurian Institute ix

Acknowledgments xi

1 The Science of Boy-Girl Learning Differences 1

2 Keep ’Em Moving: Incorporating Movement Across the Curriculum 15

3 Make It Visual: Tools to Support Your Spatial Learners 35

4 Empower the Learner: Giving Students Choice and Control 67

5 Get Them Learning Together: Increasing Opportunities for Social Interaction 85

6 Making It Matter: Finding Ways to Make Learning Real 99

7 Art Smart: Blending Art and Music into the Core Curriculum 119

8 Connecting with Your Students: Promoting Learning Through Teacher-Child Relationships 139

9 Building Character: The Foundation for Learning and Life 151

10 The Home Stretch: Getting Parents and Teachers on the Same Page 165

Epilogue 181

Sources 183

Index 193

With the school year rapidly coming to a close, here's a book you might want to give your child's teacher as a thank you gift. (Aptos Times, 05/08)
  • Uses the proliferation of research on the brain, learning, and gender differences to craft a practical text for strategies of curriculum and instruction.
  • Demonstratees the successful implementation of approaches that make use of these findings to support students in personalized learning
  • Includes new and essential information impacting everything from test scores and grades to behavioral issues.