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Strategy for Success in Asia: Mastering Business in Asia



Strategy for Success in Asia: Mastering Business in Asia

Andrew Delios, Kulwant Singh

ISBN: 978-1-118-17872-0 February 2012 250 Pages


In order to achieve success, managers need to understand the strategic issues in Asia. Strategy for Success in Asia covers areas from the uniqueness of Asia like its economic and cultural diversity to the roles of governments and the importance of alliances. One of the first books to offer a perspective effective company strategy and how local and multinational companies can achieve strategic success in Asia. This important book is for anyone who has a stake in Asia or has plans to do business in it.

1. Strategy.

2. Strategy in Asia.

3. Strategies for Working with Governments in Asia.

4. Strategies for Profitable Growth.

5. Strategies for Regional Expansion in Asia.

6. Alliances for Success.

7. Acquisitions for Success.

8. Size and Scope for Success.

9. Strategies for Success in Asia.