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Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Thinking

Strategy in Practice: A Practitioner's Guide to Strategic Thinking

George Tovstiga

ISBN: 978-0-470-97725-5

Sep 2010

176 pages

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Strategy in Practice presents a practitioner-focussed approach to strategy. Rigorously founded on current thinking and theoretical concepts in the field of strategic management, it aims to:
  • Provide the strategy practitioner with a systematic and insight-driven approach to strategic thinking.
  • Establish and translate the relevance of strategy theory to its application in the practice field. This is where many executives in firms have great difficulty: they lose sight of the wood for the trees when it comes to strategy.
  • Leads the reader through the strategic thinking process, beginning with the formulation of compelling and clearly articulated strategic questions and an appropriate analysis of the relevant issues.

The book offers students and executives the tools they need to develop insight or 'get the big picture' on the basis of limited information and fast reaction to unexpected crisis. Its concise format will make it a popular primer for all readers.


1 Introduction to Strategy in Practice and Strategic Thinking.

2 Articulating the Strategic Question.

3 Sense Making and Strategic Insight.

4 Strategic Analysis.

5 Strategy Formation and Evaluation of Strategic Options.

6 Insight-Driven Strategy in Perspective.