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StreetSmart Marketing

Jeff Slutsky

ISBN: 978-0-471-61883-6 June 1989 241 Pages


A "how-to" guide to low-cost, effective marketing for small businesses and franchises. Shows you how to out-think the competition without out-spending them. Includes case histories of successful low-cost publicity campaigns that make for lively reading. Includes a wealth of tips on how to get press coverage without paying for it, increase sales through "grass-roots" marketing, get publicity exposure by promoting charities, manage inexpensive promotions with the help of local organizations, and negotiate the best possible local radio, television, newspaper, or outdoor advertising deal.
Confessions of a Streetfighter--A Lesson in Chutzpah.

12 Ways to Isolate, Infiltrate, and Dominate YourMarketplace.

Rejection-Free Skills for Community Cooperation.

How to Profit from the Nonprofits.

Surefire Strategies for Free Local Publicity.

Upping Sales on Location.

StreetSmart Tele-Selling and Mail with Moxie.

How to Squeeze More from Your Mass-Media Budget.

Converting Your Concepts to Combat.


Resource Guide.