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Struggle for a Continent: The Wars of Early America

Struggle for a Continent: The Wars of Early America

John Ferling

ISBN: 978-0-882-95896-5

Nov 1992

240 pages

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America's origins are inextricably linked to warfare. In Struggle for a Continent, John Ferling tells the complex story of conquest and survival not only in the encounters between European settlers and the native peoples of North America, but also the North American wars among the great powers of Europe to win hegemony in America. While Professor Ferling's unflinching narrative recounts the heroism, anguish, terror, treachery, and barbarism of early American warfare, it also carefully addresses questions such as: the difference between the nature of warfare in America and that in Europe; who in the colonies soldiered in these wars; the changing role of the militia; and how warfare affected civilians. The author assesses the capabilities of America's amateur soldiers and Europe's professionals and examines the nature of Indian warfare. Finally Professor Ferling links the warfare of the colonial era to the American Revolution itself.

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Foreword v

Acknowledgments ix

Chronology of Events xi

Introduction 1

Chapter One. The European Invasion of America 9

The Opening Clashes 9

Struggle on the Chesapeake 17

Conflict in New England 27

Conflict in the Middle Colonies 39

The Final Round 43

Chapter Two. The European Struggle for America: Round One 61

The Origins of International Conflict 61

An Indecisive War 67

Queen Anne’s War: Phase One, 1701-1708 79

One Success, One Failure: The End of Queen Anne’s War 89

Chapter Three. The Struggle for America Resumes 101

Bloody Frontiers: New England 101

Bloody Frontiers: The South 103

The War of Jenkins’ Ear 111

Chapter Four. War in Eighteenth-Century America 118

Changing Views of War 118

The Technology of War 120

American Soldiers and Armies 123

King George’s War 131

Chapter Five. The Anglo-American Triumph 143

Origins of the French and Indian War 143

An Undeclared War 146

War Is Declared 159

New Leadership, Mixed Results 170

Anglo-American Victory 187

Conclusion: Significance of America’s Early Wars 202

Bibliographical Essay 210

Index 233

Maps xvi, 8, 138, 190