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StumbleUpon For Dummies

StumbleUpon For Dummies

Steve Olenski, Nick Robinson

ISBN: 978-1-118-50547-2

Jun 2013

240 pages

Select type: E-Book

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Discover new and interesting online content based on your interests!

StumbleUpon helps you discover new and interesting content on the Internet based on your specific interests. With this helpful For Dummies guide, you will learn to complete a profile that alerts StumbleUpon what topics interest you and assists in making your online perusing interesting and productive. Coverage explains how the Stumble button allows StumbleUpon to learn more about you and what type of content you like to view and it also helps that particular piece of content turn up higher in other users' searches.

  • Gets you started with setting up a profile, using the site and mobile app, and installing the browser
  • Offers guidance for Stumbling and sharing content on other social networks
  • Explains how to create a channel and use Paid Discovery
  • Shows you how to install a Stumble button on your site to encourage people to Stumble your content

With StumbleUpon For Dummies, you've stumbled upon the ideal guide to get you started with this exciting engine!

Introduction 1

Chapter 1: Getting Started on StumbleUpon 5

Chapter 2: Using StumbleUpon on the Internet 17

Chapter 3: Using the StumbleBar Toolbar 35

Chapter 4: Using StumbleUpon on Your iPhone or iPad 53

Chapter 5: Using StumbleUpon on Your Android Phone, Tablet, NOOK, or Kindle Fire 91

Chapter 6: Using StumbleUpon in Windows 8 131

Chapter 7: Sharing Your Discoveries and Content 145

Chapter 8: Navigating the Recommended, Activity, Trending, and Lists Sections 155

Chapter 9: Using the Paid Discovery Advertising System 165

Chapter 10: Using StumbleUpon to Generate Traffic to Your Blog or Website 187

Chapter 11: Understanding StumbleUpon Etiquette 199

Chapter 12: 10 Tips and Tricks from Power Users 205

Appendix: Brands, Sites, and Celebrities Who Use StumbleUpon Effectively 211

Index 219

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