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Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: Experience and Challenges



Subsea Control and Data Acquisition: Experience and Challenges

L. Adriaansen (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-860-58462-6 November 2004 270 Pages


Dealing exclusively with underwater instrumentation, control, and communication technology for subsea oil and gas production, Subsea Control and Data Acquisition has been structured to cover relevant experience and challenges in frontier subsea developments.

Aimed at professionals active in subsea production systems, in particular those engaged in the control and monitoring of such installations, and engineers keen to keep abreast of current practice and technologies, this volume covers operational experience of long offset control and monitoring, as well as enhanced oil recovery and discusses relevant topics in subsea and hole monitoring, such as,

  • Reliability
  • Enhanced oil recovery
  • Subsea and down hole monitoring
  • Long offset control
  • Subsea communication/control

Reliability of systems plays a dominant role, and the effect of regional legislation is not forgotten; this volume includes contributions from experienced experts from major oil companies to challenge the reader.

The accompanying CD can be requested from the UK Editorial team. Send requests to Debbie Cox, 


Subsea electrics - design for diagnostics and reparability.

Obsolescence of electronics - potential impact on subsea controls from an operator's standpoint.

BP subsea control systems and umbilicals - improvement strategies.

Cost optimisation in testing welds of duplex stainless steel for umbilicals and implementation in a new DNV recommended practice for umbilicals.

Enhanced Oil Recovery.

Experience and challenges in frontier subsea developments.

Subsea production control system designed to contribute to increased oil recovery (IOR).

Subsea and Down Hole Monitoring.

Permanent seismic sensing system for hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Next generation subsea control module.

Design, development and implementation of an "add-on" subsea control system.

Long Offset Control.

Long offset control systems, which facilitate subsea-to-breach field developments, with a particular reference to the Statoil Snohvit project.

Ormen Lange - long offset monitoring and control.

Subsea production controls for Total's Nuggets development - production evolution to meet demanding requirements, and lessons learned from offshore integration and commissioning.

Subsea Communication/Control.

Subsea production control fluids - the impact of new environmental legislation.

Wet plant trends and challenges for offshore networks.

Communication on power lines - constraints and experience.

Fibre optics communication system reliability.

Standardisation solutions for subsea downhole interface - IWIS project update.

Challenges, product development, and qualification of the Kristin Field.

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