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Success for the New Global Manager: How to Work Across Distances, Countries, and Cultures

Success for the New Global Manager: How to Work Across Distances, Countries, and Cultures

Maxine A. Dalton, Chris Ernst, Jennifer J. Deal, Jean Brittain Leslie

ISBN: 978-0-470-63137-9

Mar 2002

222 pages

Select type: Paperback

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As globalization has evolved from being the latest corporate buzzword to a basic economic reality, more and more organizations are realizing that they need managers with skills that translate well to the international arena. But unfortunately many organizations do not know how to identify and develop people for such complex responsibilities. This book-from the Center for Creative Leadership, ranked #1 worldwide in leadership education in a BusinessWeek survey-shows how. Success for the New Global Manager explains what new global managers-those who manage across distance, countries, and cultures- look like and presents four explicit skills they must have to succeed in this new reality. It shows managers how to identify and grow these new capabilities and how to adapt the skills they already possess to a broader global context. And it advises organizations on how they can help managers acquire these important capabilities.


About the Authors.


Part One: The New Global Manager.

1. The World of the Global Manager.

2. What You Already Know: Your Essential Capabilities.

3. What You Need to Know: The Pivotal Capabilities.

Part Two: Effective Global Management.

4. What You Can Do.

5. What Your Organization Can Do.

Epilogue: What's Next for the Global Manager?

Appendix A: The Research Study.

Appendix B: An International Code of Business Ethics.

Appendix C: U.N. Code of Human Rights.

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