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Successful New Employee Orientation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing, Facilitating, and Evaluating Your Program , 3rd Edition

Successful New Employee Orientation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing, Facilitating, and Evaluating Your Program , 3rd Edition

Jean Barbazette

ISBN: 978-0-787-98245-4

Jan 2007, Pfeiffer

200 pages

Select type: Loose-leaf

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This third edition of the proven guide includes innovative ideas, program outlines, and interactive activities to engage, energize, and motivate your new employees and lay the foundation for their success in your organization. Flexible and fully customizable materials can be used in a variety of ways from designing a program from the ground up to adding zest to an existing program.

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This item: Successful New Employee Orientation: A Step-by-Step Guide for Designing, Facilitating, and Evaluating Your Program , 3rd Edition

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Contents of the CD-ROM.


Successful Orientation Practices Survey.

Section 1: Planning for Orientation.

Orientation Developer’s Master Checklist.

Orientation Advisory Board Checklist.

Orientation Benefits Checklist.

Target-Population Checklist.

Interview Questions for Experienced Employees.

Typical New Employee Questions.

Section 2: Orientation Content.

Orientation Objectives Checklist.

Orientation Content Checklist.

Section 3: Orientation Methods.

Sample Role Checklists.

Sample 1: Human Resource Department Checklist.

Sample 2: Supervisor Checklist.

Sample 3: Self-Directed Orientation Checklist.

Sample 4: “Buddy” Checklist.

Sample 5: Mentor Job Description.

Sample Mentor Checklist.

How to Design a Self-Directed Orientation.

Self-Directed New Employee Orientation Through the Intranet.

Online Orientation Checklist.

Written Materials for the New Employee.

Forms-Completion Checklist.

Employee-Benefits Checklist.

Personal Safety and Security Checklist.

Retention Checklists.

One-Month Retention Checklist.

Three-Month Retention Checklist.

Six-Month Retention Checklist.

Twelve-Month Retention Checklist.

Section 4: Orientation Activities and Events.

Sample Schedules for Orientation.

Sample 1: One-Day Orientation, One Person.

Sample 2: Half-Day Orientation, One Person.

Sample 3: One-Day Orientation, Large Group.

Sample 4: Two-Day Orientation, Large Group.

Preparation Checklist for a Specific Orientation Event.

Orientation Activities.

Activity 1: Session Starter Signatures.

Activity 2: Introductions in Groups of Four.

Activity 3: Elevator Speech Introductions.

Activity 4: Orientation Quiz.

Activity 5: Scavenger Hunt.

Activity 6: Values Card Sort.

Activity 7: Assembly Line.

Guest-Speaker Checklist.

Organizational Tour.

What to Do for Families of New Employees.

Section 5: The First Day.

Preparation for the New Employee’s First Day.

Materials to Send the New Employee Before the First Day.

First-Day Activities for New Employees.

Examples of Meaningful First-Day Work Assignments.

Section 6: Orientation Evaluation.

Orientation Reaction Form for New Employee.

Evaluation of Orientation Objectives by New Employee.

Evaluation of Orientation Objectives by Supervisor or Human Resource Representative.

Post-Orientation Evaluations.

Post-Orientation Evaluation by New Employee.

Post-Orientation Evaluation by Supervisor.

Evaluation of Orientation Benefits for the Organization.

Section 7: Sample Letters.

Welcome Letter from the President or Chief Executive Officer.

Welcome Letter from the Human Resource Department/Function.

Welcome Letter from the Supervisor.

Notice of Orientation Meeting.

Pre-Employment Materials.

Request for Follow-Up Evaluation.

“Buddy” Announcement.

New Employee Announcement to Co-Workers.

Mentor Invitation Letter.

Section 8: Temporary-Employee Orientation.

Preparation for the Temporary Employee.

“Fast-Track” Welcome to the Organization.

Survival Checklist for Temporary Employees.

Safety Considerations for Temporary Employees.

Job-Task Assignments for Temporary Employees.

Section 9: Survival Guide for the New Employee.

Normal Concerns.

Commonly Asked Questions.

How to Handle Being the “New Employee”.

Stages of New Employee Development.

Surprises at Work.

How to Be Successful.

Safety Information.

Important Information.

Other Information.

Take a Tour.

Appendix: Orientation Research Summary and Participating Organizations.



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