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Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies, Australia and New Zealand Edition



Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies, Australia and New Zealand Edition

Stefan Korn

ISBN: 978-1-118-30268-2 August 2012 304 Pages


The how-to guide to starting, funding, running, and exiting a successful online business in less than three months

Getting a thriving online enterprise up and running takes more than just a good idea. It involves building a website, developing it into a viable business, maintaining cash flow, hiring a staff, and much more. The task can seem daunting, but Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies is here to help, showing prospective entrepreneurs how to develop a sound business plan, set up a proper company structure, and attract investment/funding in less than three months.

Many entrepreneurs have a great idea and the technical know-how to get a website up and running, but forget that it's a business that requires capital, management and continual growth. Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies teaches new start-ups how to get "investment ready" and attract the right backers in a very competitive market, giving readers the specific know-how to keep their business running—or how to turn it over quickly and profitably so they can move onto their next start-up or retire.

  • Gives budding entrepreneurs everything they need to build and sell a profitable online business
  • Topics covered include "bootstrapping," common mistakes and missed opportunities at every step of the start-up business cycle, achieving rapid but sustainable growth, attracting the attention of investors and mentors, market validation, and much more
  • Includes content specially tailored for readers in Australia and New Zealand, including details on all the major incubator events and start-up workshops in both countries

A great idea isn't enough to achieve real business success, making Successful Online Start-Ups For Dummies the potential difference between personal financial disaster and a comfortable early retirement.

Introduction 1

Part I: Following Your Dream 7

Chapter 1: Understanding the Start-Up Journey 9

Chapter 2: Starting as You Mean to Go On 35

Part II: Getting Your Start-Up Started 67

Chapter 3: Setting Up Shop: Products, Paperwork and More 69

Chapter 4: Launching Your Start-Up: The Early Days 99

Chapter 5: Gaining Traction: Ramping Up Your Start-Up 121

Part III: Growing Up 139

Chapter 6: Recognising Your Limits 141

Chapter 7: Growing Strategically 167

Part IV: Chasing the Pot of Gold: The Reason Your Start-Up Exists 195

Chapter 8: Starting to Make Money: The Post-Profit Stage 197

Chapter 9: Achieving Your Start-Up Vision and Cashing Out 215

Part V: The Part of Tens 235

Chapter 10: Ten (Plus One!) Mistakes That Cause Start-Ups to Fail 237

Chapter 11: Ten Ways to Boost Your Start-Up Resources 245

Chapter 12: Ten Things Investors Look for in Your Start-Up 253

Appendix A: Finding Support for Your Start-Up 259

Appendix B: Templates 263

Glossary 275

Index 279