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Sun-Earth Plasma Connections

Sun-Earth Plasma Connections

James L. Burch (Editor), Robert L. Carovillano (Editor), Spiro K. Antiochos (Editor)

ISBN: 978-1-118-66446-9

Mar 2013, American Geophysical Union

273 pages

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Published by the American Geophysical Union as part of the Geophysical Monograph Series, Volume 109.

The Sun and the terrestrial magnetosphere have been the subjects of active research since the dawn of the space age. The capabilities of observing both systems with greater and greater detail evolved separately until the 1980s, when it was realized that definitive results on the connection between the Earth and the Sun would require a concerted and joint effort. It was also realized that sophisticated solar-terrestrial research communities existed within all the space-faring nations of the world and that no one of them could launch such an effort by itself. This realization led to the creation of the International Solar-Terrestrial Physics (ISTP) program, which now comprises at least 12 spacecraft and includes extensive ground-based observations and theory and modeling efforts.

James L. Burch, Robert L. Carovillano, and Spiro K. Antiochos   vii

The International Solar Terrestrial Physics Program:
The Great Observatory for the Sun-Earth Connection

ISTP and Beyond: A Solar-System Telescope and a Cosmic Microscope
D. N. Baker and M. J. Carlowicz  1

The SOHO Mission
A. I. Poland  11

Geotail Mission: Accomplishments and Prospects
A. Nishida  19

The Correspondence of EUV and White Light Observations of Coronal Mass Ejections with SOHO EIT
B. J. ThompsonC, .C . St. Cyr,S . P. PlunkettJ, . B. Gurman,N . GopalswamyH, . S. Hudson,R . A. Howard, D. J. Michels, and J.-P. Delaboudini&re  31

GEOTAIL Substorm/Storm Studies
Rumi Nakamura  47

New Resultso n the PolarC ap and PSBLD ynamics
G. Parks,M . BrittnacherL, . J. Chen,M . McCarthy,D . LarsonR, . P. Lin, G. GermanyJ, . Spann,H . Reme,
and T. Sanderson  57

GlobalE nergy-R•lved X-RayI mageso f NorthernA uroraa nd TheirM appingsto the EquatoriaMl agnetosphere
David L. ChenetteW, illiam L. Imhof,S tevenM . PetrinecM, ichaelS chulzJ, osephM obilia,J ohnG . Pronko,
MichaelA . Rinaldi,J ohnB . Cladis,F rancesF enrich,N ikolai f•stgaarda, nd Michael C. McNab  65

NumericalC avityM ode Simulationa nd PolarD ata Fromt heJ anuary1 997 MagneticC loudE vent
J. GoldsteinR, . E. Denton,M . K. Hudson,W . Lotko,a ndJ . G. Lyon  77

Polar/TIDE Results on Polar Ion Outflows
T. E. Moore,M . O. ChandlerC, . R. ChappellR, . H. ComfortP, . D. Craven,D .C. Delcourt,H . A. Elliott,
B. L. Giles, J. L. Horwitz, C. J. Pollock, and Y.-J. Su  87

The Low-LatitudBe oundaryL ayer:A pplicationo f ISTPA dvancesto PastD ata
M. Lockwooda nd M. A. Hapgood 103

Major SpaceP lasmaasn d FieldP rocesseosf the Sun-EartSh ystem

The Roleo f MagneticR econnectioin SolarA ctivity
SpiroK . Antiochosa nd C. RichardD eVore  113

UnresolvedQ uestionsA boutt he Structuraen d Dynamicso f the ExtendedS olarC orona
William C. Feldman   121

Modelsfo r Coronaal ndI nterplanetaMrya gneticF ields^: CriticaCl ommentary
Kenneth H. Schatten 129

A Multi-SpacecraSfttu dyo f SolarW ind Structuraet 1 AU
K. !. PaularenaJ, . D. RichardsonF,. DashevskiyG, . N. Zastenkera, nd P. A. Dalin  143

PlasmaE ntryT, ransporat,n dL ossin the Magnetosphearen d Ionosphere
Patricia H. Reiff  149

CuspI on Compositioans a n Indicatoor f Non-SteadRye connection
S. A. Fuselier and K. J. Trattner  161

Simulatioonf RadiationB eltD ynamicDs rivenb y SolarW ind Variations
M. K. HudsonS, . R. ElkingtonJ,. G. Lyon,C . C. Goodricha, nd T.J . Rosenberg  171

Originsa ndT ransporotf IonsD uringM agnetospherSicu bstorms
M. Ashour-Abdalla, M. EI-Alaoui, V. Peroomian, J. Raeder, R. J. Walker, L. A. Frank, and W. R. Paterson  183

IonospheriOcu tflow
R. W. Schunk  195

FutureM issionsa nd ScientificO bjectives:
Evolutiono f the InternationaSlo larT errestriaPl hysicPs rogram

The Science of Solar-B
Spiro K. Antiochos  207

The Solar Stereo Mission
D. Mo Rust 213

MagnetospheMricu ltiscalaen dG lobalE lectrodynamMiciss sions
BarryH . Mauk, RichardW . McEntireR, oderickA . Heelis,a nd RobertF . PfaffJ, r 225

SolarP robeA: Missionto theS una ndt he InnerC oreo f the Heliosphere
G. GloecklerS, . T. SuessS, . R. Habbal,R . L. McNutt,J . E. RandolphA, .M. Title,a ndB . T. Tsurutani  237

MagnetospherCico nstellationP:a st,P resenta, nd Future
V. Angelopouloasn d H. E. Spence  247

A Mercury Orbiter Mission
D. N. Baker   263